10 TIPS FOR Successful Facebook Marketing

10 TIPS FOR Successful Facebook Marketing

With some chatter happening about it, Facebook has become ‘the’ place to go to for digital marketing for many marketers. It has become a necessity in the current business environment. As the competition goes higher you need to be doing things a little differently if you need your posts to stand out. It has become a medium saturated with many thoughts, ideas and expressions. With that in mind let’s look at a few ways to stay ahead of the heard and not just be another Facebook existence.

  1. Make your Content Interesting

Don’t post just because you have to, get in good content so that it generates engagement without you having to force conversation. Most successful Facebook pages just have to monitor the engagement and not control or force it. This can only be done with content that people could relate to.

  1. Post Regularly

If you want people to thin that you are serious about your Facebook page you have to post regularly.  It’s hard for people to take a page seriously if it is scarce on information and content within it.

  1. Time Your Posts

Get a clear understanding of when your target audience is most active and time your posts accordingly. The engagements mostly happens when the post is fresh so the timing is really important. If you have trouble posting content during a particular time just schedule it so that it goes live on its own.

  1. Tag People

It’s always good to know your audience and their likes. As a digital marketer, if you know your audience, it’s always good to tag them in posts, makes them feel special. Try not to annoy them by tagging too often.

  1. Facebook Online and Offline

Put your Facebook page link on your marketing materials like brochures and vising cards, also on your online marketing materials such as emailers and e-brochures. This could help a lot in getting traffic onto your page and thereby communicate to a larger audience through Facebook itself.

  1. Use the 80-20 ratio

Remember promotion is not the only reason you’re on Facebook, you’re there to build connections and to build relationships. Talking is more important that promoting that is why researchers suggest 80% non-promotional content to 20% promotional.

  1. Never Hard-Sell

Never Hard-Sell on Facebook! As a rule. It might work offline, but it doesn’t work on Facebook. People don’t usually come in to buy something from Facebook and the marketer’s should understand that. Educate and engage, the conversions will happen.

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  1. Contests on Facebook

This is a direct conversion tactic, because in most cases the offline and the online faces of a business are disjointed such that a people have no reason to visit the actual store for anything. With you build a link between the digital and the real world you’re also building the same with business conversions.

  1. Create Campaigns

A campaign on Facebook usually works if it is interesting or thought provoking. Once you get your audience hooked onto something it would be hard for them to leave. If done successful you have the chance of getting a loyal follower.

  1. Insights

Always check and recheck you statistics such that you can change your strategy if required. It all depends on the audience and if they don’t like it you shouldn’t either.

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