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10 Tips to Increase Your Periscope Followers

Periscope’s live stream is the new way to build a community of viewers, who have an inclination towards the idea you are propagating through your channel. To involve many at once, you must understand the platform well before you begin with the putting the right foot forward. Some of the suggestions and ideas are listed below that can help in increasing your followers on Periscope:

  1. Polling after each live stream

Quickly go through the views, opinions, questions, expectations posted by the viewers or followers while they were viewing the scope live. It’s a reality check to be faced with and very important at the same time to know what is being liked by the audience. To meet up to their demands it’s essential to know where you lack and how to cover it up in future.

  1. Give it an enthusiastic end

While you are live, the audience should get an energetic feel. You cannot afford any kind of boredom in your scope. To leave a positive impression, it must have a fresh feel to it. Stay high on energy, maintain a gentle interaction throughout.

  1. Maintain stability throughout

Physical as well as creative stability ensembles an ideal broadcast. You should have all the accessories required. A jerky shoot or delayed camera flipping can be disastrous for the video. Be careful while handling the device.

  1. Don’t forget to pause each time you flip the camera

When you feel like sharing what’s happening on the other side of the camera, you can easily flip it to allow viewers to see it. But don’t forget to pause it when you do it, though it will delay it for few seconds yet would keep the flow.

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  1. Stay observant to notice the comments

Choose landscape mode and keep your eye on the right side so that you can see comments and reactions coming in. It’s a time based task, you need to compress everything in that given limitation. Unless you don’t know who all are being engaged with your shoot, you won’t be confident about it and it reflects clearly. More followers would join in if it makes some sense to them and they feel wanted.

  1. Stretch your multi-tasking limits

You got to have command over everything you need to do in those few minutes, must have excellent presence of mind. If you are receiving appreciation from viewers, you got to address it, even if it’s not so positive, you need to ignore it and focus on the good part. Managing skills would polish as much as you practice it. So work on your content and begin to follow, you will improve with each one, start now.

  1. Do not turn your back in front of camera

Keep your focus on the camera or at least keep your face in front of the camera, stay attentive while you are live. Followers must feel appreciated, acknowledged and wanted while they are giving their attention to you, which is hard to hold for long these days. So to gain attention, you must reciprocate it as well.

  1. Avoid focusing on one point

Do not stick to one place or topic. Move around and show them the surroundings to break the monotony and to keep it interesting for the viewers. Constantly moving in a direction keeps them intrigued. Viewership is more likely to improve if you follow the right way.

  1. Stay interactive, ask questions

Anyone who has left a comment, reaction or suggestion deserves to be acknowledged. Therefore, you must stay alert and mention names of the participants, who took out time to watch your video. Engage them by asking various questions that can help you understand their thought process and opinion about the topic your scope is about. It’s a casual way to converse with the audience.

  1. Include Emojis to attract more viewers

You can make use of different Emojis available to express your emotion, mood or theme of the video. It would say much more than the words can express. Addition of Emojis will give you an edge over others.


Bonus tip: Repeat your points after every 5 to 7 minutes or at least at the end.

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