5 Useful Tips to Increase Your Tweet Impressions and Profile Visits

Among the major players of Social media, Twitter is counted as one with over 320 million monthly active users. And why marketers and businesses are joining it is not something surprising at all. They are able to reach and engage with so many users and potential customers at one place. The kind of engagement marketers are looking for can only be attained if the users can create such kind of impression on the target users. Tips or suggestions that can help them to improve tweet impressions and profile visits are mentioned as under:


  1. Add compressed links

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If you have observed your Twitter analytics, you must have seen what impressions did your tweet made over a period of time. With the help of analytics, you can find out tweets that got the most attention from the users. Try to evaluate things that people like about your tweet, whether it was the topic, context, presentation or anything else so that you can adapt those readings to improve the performance of your account. Tweets with brief content and links get more attention, engagement likes and replies as per the reports, hence are worthy to implement as a rule while tweeting.

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  1. Involve tags and variety of links

To make other get involved along with you and your topic, it’s important to give it a deserving space in the tweet. Alongside, to make it more valuable and authentic, add links from different sources. As a reader, one looks for something substantial to digest as a fact, plus your tweet gets more impressions and engagement on the network. Mere words won’t get your tweets far, as they don’t have a meaningful, relevant and credible link attached to it.

  1. Immediate response to tweets

No matter what your tweet is about, whether you value your followers or not is judged by the way you treat them when they reply to the tweet. You must respond immediately as it gives a positive impression about you, your active participation and acknowledgment encourage them to take further action. It’s very important to show them how precious respondents are for a tweet. You would also notice a major improvement in the engagement rate of your tweets by following this method.

  1. Stay aware of your Peak hours

There is always a good time or bad time of doing something. Likewise, on Twitter, you have a period of peak hours in which you can reach out to more people than usual. This period might differ from region to region and target audience. For instance, in India, the peak hours may be after 7 pm, whereas in the US its completely opposite. Also, it depends on the users you are targeting, teenagers would respond more in the daytime while the adults would respond after office hours. So being a marketer you must know what good for you in a given period of time.

  1. Learn to use Twitter conversational ads

Twitter conversational ads

Although, Twitter conversational ads is not a facility that is open for all, rather very much restricted to beta for now. But as an engagement tool, this is the best possible method to drive more profile visitors. As the name suggests, conversational ads are primarily designed to improve engagement and increase brand visibility. Under this strategy, users are encouraged to tweet with the hashtags, which the brand can choose and customize according to them. Its considered powerful due to the engagement you get on a post and gathers more visitors and organic impressions on the post.

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