Facebook’s blueprint showcases roadmap for social media marketing

Facebook’s two-day F8 conference held this week in San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg and his genius team had some invigorating evolutions of Social network that Facebook will be the first one to roll out and will further explore modernisms like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and new video profile image option. Moreover, there are few updated features, which will definitely become the game changing agents in terms of social media marketing.

Features like Saving the web, which enables the user to save lists has been extended, now it’s like a pocket tool, which allows to save lists or data from external websites. Even messenger ads have got a new dimension of significance, where one can decide the engagement of ads and the block button will also help in avoiding unwanted messages from the provider. In addition, now marketers can effectively monitor the functionality and remain updated about the ground realities of the virtual world. Rights manager tool, allows a publisher to upload video clips and make sure that no one else uses them and declare it as their original piece of presentation.  It will also help in monitoring the copies posted on Facebook, if any.

Publishers and marketers will be empowered to keep a check on the content depending upon different parameters, for instance: who posted the copies of videos, which Facebook pages shared them, or how many times it has been shared or viewed. All these stats will be easily notified and fused in marketing strategies by Socioblend as well. Plus, the issue of pay-per-view content being streamed can also be solved; live videos now can also be effectively scrutinized.  A minor addition, similar to quote sharing from websites available on twitter, has also been incorporated. It will paste the text but will also include the original URL.

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The biggest evolution that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been looking for and the users are high on anticipation is The Virtual Reality (VR), which will take time to come out of cocoon, for now it promises a revolutionary roadmap. The VR avatar will make the social networks more interactive and the users will be able to communicate with the real-world environments, this will be a revolutionary trendsetter for eCommerce as it will help in re-creating the physical existence, without actually having one. This has to be the next big move for marketing solution providers and Socioblend won’t fall short to adapt it any time soon. Likewise, Artificial Intelligence will improve further in time as the team assures its command over the news feed with 6 million predictions per second, quite an overwhelming number to improve further. Automated captions for impaired users will enable to search on image content basis. In short, one can search for specific product or person on Instagram, another add-on for observing the content.

In the next decade, Facebook focuses on expanding its products’ like WhatsApp, Instagram in terms of functioning and reach up to 3 billion users till 2030.

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