How To Find Jobs On Social Media?

Even though you might already be familiar with some aspects of job hunting such as resumes, cover letters, and job interviews, you may not have heard of the latest job hunting technique – social media. If you think that social media is all about posting images of cats and silly videos, you are mistaken. In fact, more and more companies have turned to social media today to fill most of their vacancies. Three out of four human resources managers prefer to check the potential candidate’s social media profile before finalizing his/her hiring decision. Here is how to find jobs on social media.

  1. Spread The Word

First, you have to let your social circles know that you are in search of a job. Whether you are active on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media, it doesn’t matter – let them know what type of job you are looking for. The chances are someone in your circle might know a person who is hiring applicants for similar jobs. But you should do this only if you are still unemployed. On the other hand, if you want to change your current job, it is sensible to keep the process on a low key. In fact, you never know who is connected to whom, and you might find yourself unintentionally unemployed as a result.

  1. Engage With A Prospective Employer

If you prefer a certain company, check if they are on social media. If so, follow them to learn of any job opportunities in the company. Make sure you keep yourself updated o any changes over time. Social media also could be used to show the particular company your knowledge in the field and passion for the job. LinkedIn is the best social network to get yourself familiarized with the hiring manager. Do some research and find out details about the hiring manager of the company and introduce yourself to him or her. Explain your intention, and they may think of you when there is a vacancy in the relevant department. Texas is supposedly a good place to look for a job according to Harnham, so perhaps try to engage with businesses there.

  1. Connect With People Who Are Employed In The Field Of Your Interest

Social media is the best place to connect with like-minded individuals. Do some research on the people who work in the industry or field that you are interested in. Make sure you connect with these people by using whatever network they are active on. Engage with their posts to build a good relationship with them. They might be willing to refer you – you never know. You are likely to land a job in your favorite company by following these people.

  1. Your Social Media Profiles Should Be Employer-Friendly

Your profile photo should be professional. Avoid overly posed selfies or late night party snaps as your profile photo. If you have them, keep them with your private network. Make sure you include a short bio about yourself on the profile. You can also add a link to your resume on the profile. Here are some good tips.

  1. Establish Yourself As An Expert In Your Field Of Interest

Make sure you stay current with the news and updates of the companies of your interest. Comment, share and engage with the social updates and articles of these companies. The more you do this, the better you will get yourself known. Be helpful to all since you never know if a potential employer is reading your content.


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