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How to Get More Customer Reviews on Your Facebook Page?

Facebook has a star rating process which allows people to share their view about any experience publicly. According to Facebook, review system motivate people to participate and rate a business that entitles a brand to be listed in the news feed. This makes your business eligible to get discovered by the customers, along with improving the brand awareness.

The rating system directly links with the Facebook EdgeRank like in Google also there are 200 ranking factors. Likewise, Facebook’s algorithm suggest where the post will reach finally, it gives an estimate of its reach in the news feed, whether it holds a strong position or not. The measurement criteria of EdgeRank is evaluated by ‘affinity’, ‘time decay’ and ‘weight’. This means that Affinity finds out the engagement that took place between the brand and the user, whereas, weight explains the relevance of action in the process. This concludes that the organic reach and visibility are directly affected by EdgeRank, which somewhere has an impact of star ratings. Therefore, customer reviews are quite impressive to have especially if they are positive in nature. Here are some helpful tips that can guide you to obtain customer reviews on a Facebook Page:

  1. Ask them to leave review

As a brand you should not hesitate or feel shy for a minute to ask your customers to leave a review about the product or service they have been using. What you can do to encourage more participation is that you can make the process easier for them. For instance, you can ask their favour via mail and request them to drop in their review on Facebook page or the website. In case the customer isn’t logged in on the page or website, you can share tips to make there experience smooth.

  1. Create custom Facebook tab with unique offer

This is the firstling one should do and that is to make a custom Facebook tab for your Facebook page, which must have some interesting offers for engaging the interest of the customers and followers. While offering anything unique, make sure you explain each and every aspect of it, keep it brief and to the point. Guide your customers about the promo code to avail while checking out and at that time they can expect to receive the offer. Its an attractive technique to grab attention of many at once.

  1. Keep check on the use of Promo code

As a marketer, you should not leave something in between when you have initiated a scheme or offer. Keep a track on the availability and use of promo code that the customers are availing. All the statistics such as average order, first-time orders percentage, along with the sales and marketing metrics of the brand performance are important to be cross-checked regularly. Evaluating all these elements will ultimately help you judge the worth of ROI in your case. It will give you an idea about whether its beneficial to conduct similar sort of campaign idea again for the brand.

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  1. Send a thank you email

Sending an acknowledgement always works in building strong relations which can pay off in future as well. For instance, if the customer’s order has been delivered (whether electronically or shipped), its recommended to send a follow up mail to the customer. You are supposed that the customer for choosing you as a company. Do not forget to politely request them to review your product or service on Facebook Page. Offering a promo code is a smart idea to implement as giving an incentive for a limited time-frame compels the customers to give their feedback, which leads to a successful outcome.

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  1. Drive traffic on tab via Facebook ads

In case, running a campaign with promo code is not giving as many reviews as expected. You must try Facebook ad campaign so that the customers directly land to the custom tab designed for the customers to avail promo code. The reason to use them is simple, Facebook ads are comparatively low in cost and give you enough options to target the suitable customers you have been looking for.

All the above methods are suggested as they are considered relevant for social networking sites. As per reports, over 60% of customer prefer checking reviews on social platforms. You got to know the best techniques to receive as many customer reviews in favour of your brand.

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