pros and cons of buying Instagram followers

Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram followers are users with least patience and are looking for new things in every 5 seconds. They don’t want to wait for things, constantly wandering to find out fun elements on the network. Therefore, to have such followers and retain them for long isn’t an easy hurdle to get through. In such scenario, when someone suggests buying Instagram followers, a lot of questions start erupting in your mind. Here, both the advantages and disadvantages will be categorized to make things easier for you. Read the following points before you search for a service to buy Instagram followers:


  1. Attracts more followers

When you already have a few number of followers in your kitty, it’s certain that more eyes balls will see the potential and will add up as followers. It simply based on the magnetic effect. Followers will keep on multiplying till you are would be visible by other random users on the network. Buying Instagram followers at least put you in the category where you get a chance to appear in front of random users and followers are expected to accelerate.

  1. Credibility enhancer

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As soon as the number count improves, the authenticity of the profile starts moving towards the favorable spot. On the popularity meter, your high score qualifies you further to become an influential entity. All you need to have is a stature of a strong credible source in the industry and more followers or engagement from random users can get you the same. The visibility works on a simple rule, if one likes it the other would obviously view it to and gradually the viewership will grow.

  1. Effective marketing

Since the market has accepted you as one of the important brands, the reputation has improved. Certainly, when your brand is associated with a specific marketing campaign, the results are much more positive as the trust factor has been tested. Customers are no more doubtful about the outcome as they want to do business with such a reputable brand. The strategies you have been planning to implement won’t be questioned anymore as they have no second thoughts about. A sound base of followers comes with so many hidden benefits.

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  1. Improvement in conversion

If your average conversion rate is 1 out of 8, after getting more followers it will definitely pick up to 3 at least. As having more followers is a signal of social proof and transforms your business into a more productive one. Few social media experts have stated that minimum 30% of improvement has been observed in the conversion rate before and after the increase of followers count.

  1. Instant kick start

A decent number of followers makes you reach up to a point where you can consider yourself as an established brand in the market. This can work when a small business is looking for a quick response from the online marketing, followers count can become a-must-have-factor for you as it boosts the visibility, engagement, and conversions in a short span of time.


  1. Possible damage to reputation

So many fake services and scams are ready to fool you, sometimes it becomes a tough task to shortlist the real and credible ones. In case you get in touch with some of the non-reputed service providers, the quality of followers you will be getting would have a guarantee of being real. Many of them are promising deals that are too good to believe and ultimately provide unreal or fake followers, about which you need to be careful. As it can take you to the wrong place and even harm your image in the market.

  1. Almost nil engagement

When you have a base that is not guaranteed to be real, one cannot accept a higher rate of engagement from random users. Only the interested one would choose to interact with your brand. Most of the followers are expected to be inorganic and in such case, your engagement rate might suffer. Many start-ups have faced this and studies by experts also indicate that participation rate will show a downward graph.

  1. Risk of account purge

There have been times when a random urge hits a social channel and no one knows what might come at what time. Therefore, in such case, even influencers have seen a drastic drop of hundreds and thousands of followers. This kind of scenario becomes a testing point for all brands on the network, bought followers or spam followers can easily be differentiated as they immediately drop down and reach the point where you had started. Everything comes back to square one.

  1. Real followers not necessary

Even if you have successfully reached to a number count of 5k followers by using a service, it’s not going to assure you whether it’s organic or not. You have paid a sum for a specific number of followers but they might not retain for long or turn into a lead as they are not real. So while buying followers on Instagram make sure you know about real nature of these unreal followers and do not take decisions unless sure about it.

  1. Short-term progress

To buy Instagram followers is only valid when you expect to have progress for short term, as no service would guarantee you that it would last for the lifetime. For all those, who have been struggling to get a grip on the market should go for purchasing a fixed number of followers. It simply means that this initial boost will keep you pumped up for a short duration of time. You cannot expect it to be a fool proof solution but only a temporary solution to sustain in the market.

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