Role of facebook likes in facebook marketing

Role of Facebook post likes in Facebook Marketing

Importance and impact of marketing on Facebook

Facebook is a name of world platform where each one meets everyone. Social networking is way too essential and inevitable a part of the game, called life.  Whatever we do, we let people know about them. Facebook is a confluence of many people. Not only our personal life is been exposed here on Facebook but on the other hand it is perfect tool for promotion in the regard of business and marketing. Doing social networking and marketing along is an amazing concept.

A short view on marketing:

Marketing is promotion for products which are about to be sold in the market. Before selling a thing in the market, marketing is must. The problem mostly faced by marketers is the mediums are extremely costly. So if the marketing is done on social networking sites, especially on Facebook, it is quite cheap. That is why; marketers are tending to pick up Facebook marketing in huge number. Almost everything which can be sold is advertised on Facebook.

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Value of likes on a post:

Only marketing on Facebook does not do. Online or digital marketing on Facebook requires something more. That that extra needed thing is, likes. There is a great value of likes in the world of Facebook marketing. It is executed in a very interesting way. First the marketer of any product has to create a page on Facebook and then he or she will have to write contents about the product in an informative way. The person will have to write several contents regarding the product. Now there comes the importance of likes of Facebook marketing. After the online publication of a product, when one or several people give their likes for a product, that can be seen by other friends of them. Even the promotional contents might be shared by others and get likes. And this is how it works. Like and more likes, and the promotion or the marketing gets propelled.


Posts play a major role in marketing on Facebook and the like on those post are of great value. One like on one post means a lot in the real sense. The more likes one post can gather the more are the chances of the product to be sold. That is why, marketers should be careful about their posts. A post has to be containing a photo tagged with the content along and only then the post becomes complete. To be clear, as much likes one post collect as much people have seen it and likes it truly. One like conveys one word of praise on Facebook marketing.

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