quit your job and become a Youtuber

Should You Quit Your Job to Become a YouTuber?

Like a student in class 10th searching for answers on which stream he should choose, this questions too is one of the most contemplated question. “Should I quit everything and become a full-time Youtuber?” or “Should I keep uploading videos till I earn something and then I will quit my job?” are few of the questions circling in every aspiring YouTuber’s mind. In the growing industry of online marketing, Youtube is considered to be the safest and fastest income generator platform for those who know what they are good at and how they can make it work. The part that is very much debatable and still unsolved is that is it a wise decision to quit your job and make YouTube your ultimate source of income to depend on of the rest of your life? A big commitment for anyone to decide based on few factors, moreover it’s a one-way road to think about with bright side only. As a marketer or YouTuber, firstly you should be clear about all the perspectives and hurdles you might face if you opt it as a career option.

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From the experts’ point of view, it would be too amateur to leave your job just to experiment with success possibilities on YouTube. They rather suggest any newcomer or aspiring YouTuber can try their hands on ideas they see themselves working on down the line. It would be a wise decision, plus at your learning stage, you are not required to unlearn or leave behind things you are already doing. To make it your profession, you got to know the trade and processes that lead to complicated advertising world of YouTube. Mind you, there is no simple defined path to earn through Youtube, you have to work it out on your own, depending upon the conditions you are facing in a spice industry.

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There are so many different ways to use in order to become a successful YouTuber. For example, if you have 1000 views out of which 150 viewers have watched the complete ad. As per $1.8 per view, the advertiser will be charged $27, whereas the content creator gets 68% of the total charge i.e. $27.  Hence, you will get approximately $18 for 1000 views on your video. Apart from this system, you have various other ways through which marketers pay YouTubers to promote their product or service, in order to get popularity among the viewers and earn a respectable position in the market. Although, there are some really promising methods of generating income from YouTube still an experienced expert of online marketing would never recommend to completely depend in these methods as they are too fickle and are subject change as per the condition.

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Hence, even if you are motivated to become successful as a YouTuber, start your journey by uploading content and see the response. Initially, you can buy YouTube views and build viewership of your channel. And gradually you will see a noticeable growth in the viewership and fan following, the day you start getting the organic audience and positive feedback from them, you can start considering a worthy project where you can spend more time and expect good results in future. Whether a YouTube channel is a hit or not at a time when it started, tells a lot about its future prospects.

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As there are many examples who wanted to make it work on YouTube, but their execution and far-sightedness were not enough to make it successful. Therefore, for all those who want to develop an earning source from YouTube, should work on their idea well before they solely depend on Youtube earnings. Maybe in the coming years, after one or two, when you see growth and acceptance of your channel among the audience and are making a good sum of money like you would get in any other job, you can consider the idea of quitting your job to be a successful YouTuber.

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