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Link Building

Link building basically refers to the process of creating link between the external pages and the page of a website/blog. It is one of the most common strategies used for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) while promoting a website or blog. Although its a time-taking and difficult process as all the links are not equal. Impact of an authoritative website would obviously be much better on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) in comparison to a new website, though such high quality links are tough to find. Link Building is important in improving Google ranking. Google suggests that your content is likely to rank higher with specific keywords for the target audience only if one can generate enough and effective external websites to link to yours.

Few strategies are used to build external website links with your website such as:
  • Content creation and Promotion of the website or link among the community by giving reference of your link so that others can promote it as well.
  • Submission of news updates to press releases, Submit description of product, service or site to influential sites or blogs.
  • Build links from friends or followers with whom you can share and build connections with to promote and boost traffic on your website.

These strategies can be implemented by following some key factors, which would help you improve the output. Using Anchor text can be an effective tool by replacing the URL with readable text for the audience. Keyword phrase will help you rank the site in a better way as it is easy to search and Google supports a site more if keywords are part of the campaign.
Apart from the strategies used while conducting a campaign through link building, there are few types in which it can be categorised or can be called as different methods with which Link building can be done such as Contextual Backlinks, Web 2.0 backlinks, Article Postings, Social Bookmarkings and Blog comments.

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