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Website Design/Development

Web Design/Development

The web design of a web page is also very important. Still, today it is not about being flashy or colorful, but more about being practical and easy to be used. People of the modern society do not have the time, or the patience, to figure out how a website is working and what they have to do to get around it. So if it is not user-friendly, allowing them to access the desired information in a short period, they will just opt out and look for another website. Also, the rapid spreading of mobile technology, like mobile phones and tablets, brought a new condition to the website owner. Now, they have to make their site suitable to be accessed from these devices as well. And this condition is considered to be so significant that even Google adopted it in its ranking conditions.

So what do you need to do to have a presentable web design? Find the right partners that will help you out in this matter. Socioblend has a complete set of services that will cover all the conditions an attractive and efficient web page should meet. Do not overlook the necessity of having a well-set web design, because it can mean the difference between having a visited site or one that is forgotten in the dark corners of the online environment. The biggest effort is to make it right from the beginning since maintenance in time will be slightly easier. But for that, you have the professional team of Socioblend, ready to stand by your site and help you be successful in every way possible.

Just to realize how important web design is, and also the importance of being made by skilled professionals, you will have to be aware of the enormous number of websites existent out there. What sets you apart from the rest? Why should people choose your website and not another? The reasons are found in the following lines:

• Conversion focused : meaning that your website will always keep up the pace with any needed change or update, without changing the entire site. It is a more practical way to make sure you will always respect conditions and requirements, by depositing a minimum effort.

• Planned design : the design of your site is not chosen randomly or by chance. Everything is set in detail upfront, before the actual creation of the web page begins. It is important to make the design fit the identity of your brand and company.

• Responsive screen : this feature will ensure that your web page will remain as presentable and useful, even if it will be viewed using a broad range of mobile devices. The site will adjust to the type of screen the mobile device has, making it a pleasant experience for the user.

Now you know why you need help in setting up a high-quality website, and how Socioblend can help you achieve this goal. They always follow the trends of the market and are up to date with the latest design techniques, offering you a state-of-the-art web design for your site.

Our WebSite Design Process

  • 1Initial Consultation
    During the initial web design consultation we determine goals of your site, your target audience (e.g., business to business, business to consumer), and brief information about your business.
  • 2Competition Research
    In this stage we work with client to identify their major competitors. We review competition websites and identify strengths of their design.
  • 3Strategy
    At this point we have reasonable amount of information about the client and their products/ services. This is our springboard in developing a cohesive web site strategy. Without this we have realized that our designs falter. We are also able to review web sites and find their faults because we understand how visitors look in certain places for information.
  • 4Web Site Design
    We design the entire site based upon the presented ideas and concepts accepted by the client. This includes all the graphics, database layout and design, and other programming required for the site to work correctly. This is the last step to accept changes to design.
  • 5Web Site Development
    During the initial web design consultation we determine goals of your site, your target audience (e.g., business to business, business to consumer), and brief information about your business.

Given below are approximate rates for our Design / Development work

  • 5 Page website “ Rs 20,425
    *Additional Webpage @ Rs 1,100 per page
  • 10 Page Website “ Rs 24,940
    *Additional Webpage @ Rs 1,000 per page
  • 15 Page Website “ Rs 28,595
    *Additional Webpage @ Rs 900 per page
  • 20 Page website “ Rs 31,390
    *Additional Webpage @ Rs 800 per page
  • 25 Page website “ Rs 33,325
    *Additional Webpage @ Rs 700 per page
  • 50 Page website “ Rs 45,150
    *Additional Webpage @ Rs 600 per page
  • 100 Page website “ Rs 66,650
    *Additional Webpage @ Rs 500 per page

We also provide the following services

  • Logo development
    Rs 3,850 onwards
  • Flash Banners
    Rs 1500 onwards
  • Flash intros
    Rs 5375 onwards
  • Flash Games
    Rs 21500 onwards
  • Flash Presentations
    Rs 17200 onwards
  • Content Management system
    5 to 10 Page with design themes – Rs 43000 onwards
  • Ecommerce Solutions
    Basic ecommerce website with design and shopping cart and payment gateway integration “ Rs 60000 onwards
  • Custom programming and development
    Rs 650 per hour

Web Development

We have developed sites using following web technologies:-

  • Database Management :
    My SQL / Microsoft SQL Server / Oracle
  • Internet/Intranet Technologies :
    HTML, DHTML, XML, PHP Active Server Pages, Java Server Pages Client and Server side scripting
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