10 things about Spotify that you did not know

10 Things About Spotify That You Didn’t Know

Spotify as a music streaming has exploded massively over the last few years. It currently averages about 250 million monthly listeners with about 113 subscribers paying for the premium service. The service prides itself on its ever-expanding features and continuous updates. Even though the service has been around for more than a decade, there are things that most users still aren’t aware of. Here we look into 10 things you probably didn’t know about Spotify which could very well enhance your experience on the service and probably get the best out of using it. 

1. The Radio Feature on Spotify

Although Spotify is known for their playlists, that make finding new songs and artists a breeze, it has another feature that most users do not seem to use. In today’s world of music streaming, the word “radio” creates minimal buzz and that could be a potential reason why many users haven’t realized what a gem of a feature this is. 

Radio Feature on Spotify

2. Spotify for artists

Spotify for artists is a section dedicated to artists where you can claim your profile and start raking in views and a dedicated and loyal following. As an artist learning to make the best use of Spotify for Artists is your ticket to success. It even provides analytics for your music to see exactly who listens to your music when and from where. Getting followers, likes and plays is no easy task. If you are looking to grow your fan base organically, check out SocioBlend. Here is how you can Buy Spotify Followers, Plays, and Likes using a trusted service like SocioBlend.

3. Private Listening Session

Privacy is important for everyone. With that being said, as fun as it is to automatically share the music you’ve been listening to with your friends, there will be days when you feel like listening to something privately without the entire world finding out. Many users do not realize that Spotify allows for such sessions. Go to your profile and click on Private listening session to have a few untracked songs.

Private Listening Session

4. Shazam

Have you ever listened to a song and instantly loved it but couldn’t find its name or artist? Well, nowadays this problem has been eliminated with services like Shazam. Surprisingly, Spotify and Shazam have a cool feature by which you can add songs you find using Shazam directly to your Spotify playlist. This feature gives users a seamless experience of discovering new music and adding it right into your library in a few simple steps.

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5. Collaborative Playlists

If you’re a social bird and struggle with creating a playlist that includes everyone’s favorite jam, collaborative playlists are the thing for you. These are shareable playlists that you and your friends can edit together. The process is quite simple and involves just the click of a button called “Make Collaborative”.

Collaborative Playlists

6. Crossfade

You never know you need this feature but once you use it, you won’t ever feel like not using it again. One of the most annoying things that happen when you’re listing to a playlist is the abrupt change in between songs. The silence or the abrupt change can throw off your runs and workouts and can even dampen a house party. The crossfade feature helps this by merging the last of a song with the beginning of the next and eliminates the sudden change.

7. Recovering lost playlists

Spotify cares about its users and also accounts for unexpected or accidental decisions. If you ever find yourself regretting the decision to delete one of your playlists or even accidentally deleted it by mistake, Spotify has you covered. 

Account>>Recover Playlists>>Restore

Recovering lost playlists

8. Spotify has audiobooks

You might know Spotify for its music and even their podcasts. One of the hidden gems that even veteran users may have missed out on is that they also offer audiobooks. Most of them are free and are guaranteed to give you hours of content. If you are an audiobook person, Spotify becomes THE place to consume content. Check out the Top 10 Audiobooks on Spotify. It is no Audible, but Spotify does offer good books while also being the best music streaming service. Best of both worlds.

9. Get information on your inner circle’s tastes

If you trust your friends’ taste or find yourself being the one dishing out music recommendations, this next Easter egg might be what you need. Spotify has a feature that aggregates all the content your friends have been listening to and creates a Top 40 just for you. Here, you can check if they’ve been listening to your recommendations or it can serve as a place where you can find new music. 

Browse>>Top Lists>>Top Lists in your Network

10. Play your favorite music on Uber

To enhance customer experience, Uber has added a feature that lets the user play their music while in an Uber. This has recently been announced so we have to wait and see if it plays out. This partnership between Uber and Spotify is something to watch out for. 

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