10 tips to increase Likes

10 Tips to Increase Likes, Reach and Engagement on Facebook

Many articles are explaining a lot about Facebook use and how to improve likes. But here we would be suggesting some effective ways to improve the canvas of reach in terms of quantity and quality. More followers or likes doesn’t guarantee an engagement, though it defines the potential possibilities. Therefore, to manage and get more likes and followers there are some tried and tested ways to expand the boundary of numbers and further improve the rate of engagement with the fans. Here are the 10 tips to increase likes, reach and engagement on Facebook:

  1. Come across as your original personality

While posting your content, keep it original and authentic to justify with your services or business proposal. Reality check and precision is appreciated by the fans and helps in image building for as a brand in the market. Establish your niche among the community and also catch up with the competitors to tune things up as per the trend.

  1. Put out questions for all

To talk to your fans, is the most effective way to communicate, engage and know more about the clients. Putting across questions and inviting their opinion would be an instant advantage to understand the likes and choice of the users on a larger canvas. Also make it a point to revert back instantly to appreciate their participation. It automatically becomes a point of attracting more comments or views from the public.

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  1. Images are best to appeal

Attention seeking is mandatory while your try to pitch a lucrative offer to your customers. Images, GIFs and quirky ideas must be placed well on your timeline. Timing and selection of the content must grab eyeballs; it shouldn’t be over-the-top but must relate and persuade the viewer towards the objective you desire to meet.

  1. Insights of your company can be inviting

Share some didn’t-know-facts about company that the fans find interesting and are inquisitive about. Things that can make them relate to the subject and can build a sense of belonging with its impression upon the minds of the users, at least on a digital platform.

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  1. Stick to to-the-point theory, avoid vague

Posts must not hold anything out of the way or context to the topic that is being discussed. Any image or status should not be abstract or vague in nature. It must serve the purpose, and that is to remain candid and accurate in pitching out info in order to get more engagement i.e. likes, comments, shares etc.

  1. Share and encourage content posted by your fans

Your community must not feel left out or a secluded, make it a point that you do share and post the updates posted by your fans on a regular basis. It gives them a boost to get engaged with others and builds a strong repo between you and your customers.

  1. Simplicity is powerful

It’s not just a phrase, try it out, it really works. Keep the language, writing style, inclusion of media simple or uncomplicated. And simple doesn’t mean ordinary, it has to convey and communicate the most and the best, which doesn’t have to be overloaded with too many things at once. Rather a short and sweet message can perform much better.

  1. Stay determined

Your perseverance always reflects out. Regularity, discipline and intent are quite visible in the posts as well as in the feedback that you receive from the fan base. It’s always appreciated to stay persistent in your offers and continuous efforts in your posts will cater a loyal community gradually.

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  1. Express gratitude towards your fans or community

To thank and to appreciate the participation of the public that has been engaging with you and patiently following your posts is a symbol of gratitude, which is a high standard to follow. But it has to be done once in a while, they deserve this much attention and need to be encouraged so that this chain shall grow with more.

  1. Keep experimenting

Try out new ways to make it all a fun activity to see, share and talk about. Posting updates which are more on a lighter note and informative makes it unavoidable for the users to drop a comment or like. Come up with new ideas each day to give them a brief about the business and also get something new for them to do. For example a fun activity that requires participation such as a quiz, an opinion poll or a contest and more.

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