10 tips to increase Spotify Monthly Listeners

Top 10 Tips to Increase Spotify Monthly Listeners and Podcast Plays Count

Spotify has had massive success over the years with monthly active listeners crossing 250 million. These numbers mean maximum exposure for well-established artists, while also serving as a launchpad for new artists. As new songs get uploaded by the day, getting seen on platforms like these, becomes tougher. As an artist, some certain tips and tricks can get you more online visibility. Here are 10 tips to increase Spotify monthly listeners and podcast plays count.

1. Get your music into playlists

Playlists play a huge role in boosting numbers in Spotify. It is probably the most effective and free way to increase Spotify monthly listeners. There are different types of playlists on Spotify, which include curated playlists and personal playlists.

2. Get featured on listicles and blogs

The internet can serve as a launching pad for almost anything. Viral videos, tweets, posts, etc. can be viewed million times and gives a huge amount of exposure to the person responsible for it. In a world where attention spans have considerably reduced, listicles have found immense popularity. Some blogs and listicles have really good traffic. Getting your songs and podcasts onto these listicles can increase Spotify podcast plays by a huge margin.

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3. Use Paid services

socioblend spotify profile
socioblend spotify profile

There is only so much a content creator can do on any given platform to get seen. Due to algorithms put in place (which is much needed), many up and coming artists and creators find it difficult to get the numbers that catch the attention of the algorithm. Paid services from third party websites provide a solution to this by organically growing your numbers on these platforms. You can buy Spotify Monthly Listeners for instant results. By doing so, the content creator gets the algorithm to work for him/her rather than against them.

4. Collaborate with other artists

You cannot get to the top without other people. People who realize this reality, attain success quicker than those who stubbornly choose to believe otherwise. Collaboration is key in the creative field. Podcasts tend to go big when the creator can bring on guests who have a fresh and interesting perspective to an otherwise dull topic. The music industry has seen some of its big hits come from collaborations between artists that fans didn’t know they needed. Some of the most streamed artists on Spotify of all time collaborate regularly. This goes to show how far collaboration can take you on a platform like Spotify.

5. Share on Social Media

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There is no doubt that social media plays a huge role in gaining exposure as an artist. With millions of users on any given social media platform, artists need to capitalize on this to get their content out there. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Telegram can play a huge role in breaking or making an artist. Staying active on these platforms while releasing content can help connect with existing fans and reaching out to potential listeners who aren’t fans…yet.

6. Get in touch with Record Labels

Record labels have a huge part to play in artists making it big. As a new artist, this might not be the easiest tip on the list, but it is by far one of the most “tried and tested” ways to increase numbers like monthly listeners and podcast plays. An artist that has a record label backing it can have much more control on platforms that depend highly on them. Get in touch with record labels, try to get your content promoted, and possibly get signed to them.

7. Create your playlist

Creating your playlist is one way you can increase your numbers by yourself with help from no one but yourself. A popular playlist will get saved multiple times and played even more. This can snowball into becoming HUGE, and this can have a positive effect on a content creator’s exposure to Spotify.

8. Working with your distributor

As an artist, your distributor plays a huge role in determining how much exposure you have. A bad distributor can be very detrimental to your growth as an artist. Work with your distributor and get your music out there as much as possible. Change your distributor if you feel that the relationship seems to have less impact. As a growing artist/ content creator, you cannot let feelings get the better of you.

9. Build relationships with the curators on Spotify

Building a relationship with a curator is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about ways to increase Spotify monthly listeners and podcast plays count. Surprisingly, this is effective and most often than not, this is attainable, and this can have a really good impact on how much coverage you get on platforms like Spotify. Getting on the good books of curators by sharing a playlist that you got featured on (one of many ways) can help it happening again.

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10. Make use of emails

As old fashioned as this might seem, emails can still convert recipients into potential listeners and fans. A dedicated and regular email newsletter can build a very loyal fan base. This, in turn, expands the potential for advertising through word of mouth. Be genuine and DO NOT SPAM.

Finally, and most importantly, remember to wait patiently. Getting traction on Spotify will take time. Using services like SocioBlend will help to speed the process up, but patience is key. You can check your Spotify profile and playlist followers count regularly to keep track of the traction you are gaining.

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