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5 Cool Features on Instagram That Doesn’t Exist in Other Apps

Instagram is more about the visual appeal and rest of the factors are secondary, the primary objective is to engage more people in getting their attention. You have to make sure whatever shot you are going to post should qualify for the standard people expect. Many users do not know about some of the less explored features but for better response, all these methods are quite successful. Few users know how to use them in order to propel the strategy of increasing visibility. Please note the following top five cool features on Instagram of which you are not aware of but you should be:

  1. Boomerang: a new craze


instagram boomerang

The visual appeal being a priority of Instagram has enabled an interesting native app i.e. Boomerang. One can create a GIF in a dramatic way and it’s a fun activity which takes a bunch of images and turns them into an amazing GIF. This works at a rapid speed that plays forward and backward, which gives the effect of a Boomerang. Big brands, influencers, and regular users are using this mesmerizing feature to attract more viewers.

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  1. Mini collages can be added to a post

instagram collage

To improve your experience while posting an image, Instagram has introduced another complementary app i.e. Layout. It is a collage maker that allows you to select a template in which you can pick different images and put them in one frame. If you are bored to share photos in the same old format, you can create a collage by compiling many images.

  1. Connect to multiple accounts

Instagram is one of the few social channels where you can register for more than one account and access them as well. Without downloading any app manager, you can easily manage all the activities of multiple accounts on Instagram. Using filters and posting them in quick time is a usual process noticed on every second social platform, but Instagram has enabled its users to operate two or three accounts at a time.

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  1. Downloads images and videos in batch

For those who are aware of all the technicalities need not be advised by any tip, but those who do not know a simple method to download images or videos should know that they can download any post via Insta-downloader.net. All you have to do is copy the URL of an image and paste it into the address bar of browser and tap download. This website is one of the most popular and used apps to download videos or photos fro user’s album on Instagram.

  1. Post multiple photos at a time

This is one of the biggest surprises for the users, one can select more than one or two images in a single post. In fact, you can add up to ten photos in one post, this is almost like posting a complete album at a given point in time. You have to press ‘Select Multiple Icon’ at the right bottom of an image. Moreover, you can also add any effect or filter for a particular image.

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