5 Features in Spotify That Makes It Stand out of Other Music Streaming Apps

Users that are already familiar with Spotify and its features might know how to make use of them to get the best out of it. Yet few things are noteworthy for a listener on Spotify. Although Spotify is a free service, where millions of listeners listen to songs without any cost, also they can get access without advertisement subscription. Myriad settings of Spotify cane used to extend the functionality and get the benefit of its optimum potential. Therefore, few features you should know about and can help you get better hands Spotify. Please note the following features that make Spotify stand out among other streaming apps:

  1. Add or listen to songs not on Spotify in offline mode

Spotify allows the user to explore large catalog of Spotify and apartments from that if the user feels the need to add songs from outside sources, they are free to do that too. Also, they can listen to songs on Spotify interface. You can go to preferences and enable the settings to show tracks available on local sources such as iTunes, or a folder on your system. Another available option is to listen to the non-Spotify songs through Offline mode, which is accessible from your phone.

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  1. Find lyrics of all songs

Spotify along with a music library is quite useful, if one wants to use it as a Karaoke, you have to turn on the ‘musiXmatch App’, which is available at the left-hand side of Spotify interface. Alongside, you can view lyrics of the song, most of the songs are available with lyrics on Spotify and the user can play them and sing accordingly. Through ‘App Finder’ options, can help you use features to curate songs from other lists.

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  1. Specific part of a song can be shared

This feature is quite exclusive on Spotify, in case you want to share a part of a song, you don’t have to send the link of complete track, rather you can send the URL of a special solo part or verse, all you need to do is add ‘#’ at the end of the character of URL, them pick the timestamp (02:35) you want to share. Here’s an example of URL to share: Spotify:track:1x1TY0786543MhTFKLY#2:35.

  1. High-quality Streaming

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For premium users on Spotify, high-quality of sound is listed among the preference menu, this means the usual song     bitrate is 160 kbps, but with high-quality you get 320 kbps bitrate, an assurance of better sound quality. Usually, on mobile device the bitrate is Upton 96kbps in order to save data. But the users can take it up to 160 kbps and only premium users can explore 320 kbps setting. Basically, a higher bitrate ensures a faster streaming and with high-quality.

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  1. Improve your search queries

Navigating the catalog of Spotify can be too much of data for the users, hence to simplify the process by using qualifiers the search can be narrowed down to a specific song or track. This works just like Google search queries, on Spotify also you can specify the artist, genre or title of the track and accordingly search results can be pulled out.


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