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5 Reasons Why You Should Begin Guest Posting Now

Is guest blogging the best form of marketing for your blog?

Definitely, YES!

Countless blogs are more than happy to accept an in-depth and helpful article. Irrespective of the knowledge you possess, your readers will not take much interest in you if you go about it all by yourself.

If you haven’t included guest blogging as a part of your content marketing strategy, it’s time you do it today.

Matt Cutts once went insane declaring the decay and fall of guest blogging, but later regretted it for a long, long time.

Joel Gascoigne, CEO at Buffer, attracted over 100k customers merely through guest posting rampantly. Elna Cain, a part-time freelance blogger, started earning a full time living through guest blogging.

Still not convinced?

According to HubSpot, guest blogging helps drive traffic besides boosting your revenue. You should have quality guest posting sites list because sites should have organic traffic, clear backlink profile, relevant niche to your niche.

inbound marketing data from hubspot

Want to know the benefits of guest blogging?

Let’s dive in straight.

  1. Builds Network

Guest blogging improves your network since it introduces to an entirely new audience base. The blogs and publications where your guest post is posted promote their website and try getting traffic via your article. As a result, they will be sharing your author bio and social media profiles. If you add value to their audience by writing high-class content, they will promote you helter-skelter. Consequently, your social links are shared by trusted readers and their followers will join in the fray.

Besides helping you to build a solid network, guest blogging facilitates the fostering relationships with influencers.

And relationships form the core of the social web.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is to write killer content that resonates with readers from various circles.

Some blogs accepting guest posts have a strong community of contributors who are actively engaged in various niches. Irrespective of the structure of the community in a given site, try leveraging your authorship. Talk to influencers and seek partnership opportunities-from expert interviews to content cross-promotion. You can also request influencers to write on your blog.

  1. Gets Quality Traffic

Do you know the number one reason why people are investing so much time in guest blogging?

It sends them quality traffic.

By writing a single guest post, you can expect anywhere between 500 to 1000 visitors and more to your site. Targeted traffic is the lifeline of your blog.

And a simple guest post can translate into mammoth sales if done the right way.

Finally, optimize your landing pages, Call-to-actions, and other important elements to improve conversions.

  1. Stimulates the Number of Shares

An effective technique to improve your online reach is by generating shares on social media. If your branded content gets a lot of shares, it’ll have the potential of being shared more in the eyes of visitors.

If you decide to guest post on a blog with dynamic social media activity, shares will be a part of the process as soon your content is published.

Consider including content that can be easily shared so as to get the ball rolling faster. For instance, infographics get 3 times more engagement on social media compared to other content types.

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  1. Improves Authority

Guest blogging makes you a star as it shows that you’re highly skilled and knowledgeable while writing for others. If readers find your name on other blogs outside of your own, they have the perception that you know what you’re talking about.

And online marketing basically depends on authority. You may write the best content in the world, but if people don’t trust your brand, the task of finding paying customers or loyal subscribers remains an uphill battle.

The only way to prove your credibility as a trusted source of information is by blogging on authoritative websites. By doing so, readers will know that you’re trusted by the big brands. Consequently, they’ll be extra receptive to your value propositions mentioned in your own site.

If you write on a single subject on various blogs, you’ll be seen as an expert to different audiences.

  1. Improves Your Website’s SEO

Most blogs accepting guest posts allow you to leave at least one do-follow link embedded within the content. Although they don’t offer any compensation for all your hard work in writing the post, they give you a keyword-optimized link or a brand mention, which is really HUGE!

A backlink from a high-traffic blog benefits your SEO tremendously. Your content is indexed and easily discoverable on search engines. Try targeting websites in your own niche to augment relevancy.

  1. Generates Leads

An effective guest blogging strategy is choosing relevant websites. Besides picking your own niche, you also need to find sites that have a steady flow of traffic. This helps you in connecting with the right people who may show interest in what you have to offer.

Create an actionable step when building the page that you want to bring traffic to. It needs to be related to the guest post or else the link will act as a disruption in the journey of your audience. This translates to a lost lead for you.


Note that submitting a single guest post is inadequate. If you plan to build relationships, you’ve to interact with the audience, normally through the comments. Also, try following up with the editor or blog owner to see how your guest post is doing. This will show you care more about the community rather than mere link building.

Without an iota of doubt, guest blogging is an important step towards your success in the online marketing world. Once you’ve identified its great benefits, you can easily make it work for your business.

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