5 Tips That Can Boost Your Tiktok Following Within a Week

A musical fun social app which became an overnight sensation and hugely popular among the young crowd was none other than Musical.ly. Random users quite enthusiastically used to put out their fun side, full-on entertainment version on the network. And it was the best social app that connected so many users with similar interest. Now, this app is revamped and the title has changed to ‘TikTok’. This app is such a large phenomenon that it’s the world’s most downloaded app at the moment.

Many of the users now wonder to come up with new ideas that make them a trending face on the network and it’s simply possible through this App.  A regular average user can definitely push the number of followers within a week if the right techniques and methods are implemented. Here are the best 5 tips to boost your ‘TikTok’ following within a week:

  1. Show your fun side

musically funny

Do not hesitate or be afraid while sharing some of the silliest moments done with absolute passion and humor. A sense of fun in a random moment is what is liked, searched and appreciated the most across the network. TikTok (earlier musical.ly) is a network where you can showcase the most ridiculously funny things out for the people to see, like, support, and share. So, when you have to share some of your silly moments, do not think too much, just go ahead and upload it.

  1. Experiment with transitions

To merge different shots in one, you can use smooth transitions to make the video look extraordinary. By using unique camera angles, lighting and filters the overall look seems out-of-the-box, which is essentially required for a video to be listed among the trending videos. Fresh methods to add value to the content has tremendous power and possibility to take that video among the top few videos being viewed. A smooth flow of shots can add an impactful element to the video.

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  1. Go loud with facial expressions

facial expressions

The videos on TikTok are about facial expressions, the more playful you are with them, the better it will be to entertain the audience. Lip-sync cannot go out of sync, and the expressions cannot be subtle. They have to be over the top in order to get attention from the viewers. Loud expressions are liked, viewed and shared most by the users. To make it an interesting exaggeration of situations and use of various facial expressions can earn you a great amount of popularity instantly.

  1. New and fresh talent gets the eye-balls roll

To come up with new things, jokes, situations, dialogues, one-liners, songs, etc. can help you get most of the attention. It’s all about giving the audience what they are craving for. Fun elements with new dimensions are always in demand, videos that have original and humorous aspects and effects to it become a trend on the network. For instance, a popular dialogue from a movie might not get as much attention as a freestyle dance move can get on a random song. Hence, you need to find out things that can engage as many eyeballs as possible.

  1. Touch any topic that’s trending

trending topics

The more relevant your content will be, the easier it will be to grab the attention of the viewers. The seasonal topics that are getting attention are symbolic of what’s the most searched, liked or viewed on the network. Therefore, the content of the video should revolve around those categories. Please make sure your theory should not be to copy someone’s idea or creativity. You should build your own content with a different set of elements into it. There cannot be any copy-pasting, and even someone dares to do it, the content might be reported or simply will not be liked at all.

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