How too many Facebook likes can wreck your online reputation?

Outcomes that I am about to elaborate. Liking a post or page leave an evident presence on your friends as well. If you are making it too obvious to click a like almost all the time, then you need to put a check on it. As they say excess of something, is dangerous. When you make your likes predictable, you bring down your stature as a social media user. You have to keep a balance, if you get carried away with everything you see on your newsfeed. For example, liking a cat video is good stuff to do, until it’s limited to few likes. Else too many cooks might spoil the broth. So, before pressing a casual or random like, think about its hazardous effects that are powerful enough to deteriorate your reputation in that cool virtual world you take pride in. in short, watch where you are going man!

“Like” thumbs can make it or break it. Yes they are indeed influential; don’t underestimate its silent traits. Sometimes, liking a page might make your friends think like “Come on girl, another like? Isn’t there anything happening in yours’?” Though it’s good to show your support or opinion about a particular subject, all you have to make it your strength and not weakness. Allowing a free flow of continuous likes will rather prove to be a disservice to your online image.

In simple words, you are making yourself overlooked, immature and ordinary, which is exactly the opposite impression you would want to leave behind your “likes”.

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The point is to maintain a positive presence on your social media networks, especially on Facebook. It’s not that one should strictly be against pressing it; instead try to make it an interesting aspect that your friends can perceive from the prints of your “likes”. Wherever you go, your foot prints follow, likewise, on social media networks either Facebook or any other, you got to play smart while managing your activities. Basically, if your “so what” attitude is over-powering you, then an introspection is strongly recommended.

Your selections define your connections, so keep your friends and followers interested about your interests, likes and choices. Variety and diversity always works and quite impressive for your online reputation. Don’t let it wreck and that too with your not-so-smart habits. Though how to mind your habits is a different topic altogether, but we’ll get to that later.

Till then be careful before pressing those tempting Facebook Likes. Being picky won’t harm your reputation at least.

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