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7 Tips to Get More Spotify Plays

Spotify has redefined the experience of listening to music. It has a big catalogue of genres and artists to offer, even independent bands and labels have now a platform to put out best of their work for the users to listen to it on the go. It takes a premium subscription and you are ready to hook up with the music of your choice on your phone. To use it is one thing and to get your playlist promoted is another. So here are some worthy tips that you should know before you go for better exposure and promotion of your music:

  1. Maintain consistency

It’s so much crowded already in the market as a lot of artists come up with new songs. But to make a mark as an individual artist is a tough task to achieve. It needs to encounter few hurdles in terms of visibility and acceptance. The trick here is to unfold your art on a slow basis; do it one by one rather than rolling it out all at once. This keeps the audience interested for the next release, plus grows the number of listeners and expands the visibility on a slower but steady pace

  1. Make your album look exceptional

Here, it’s about the visual quality of the album, it should look professional not amateurish, especially when it’s your very first one. As a fact, initially its not the music that the audience gets hooked to, rather it’s the high-quality design that grabs their attention for once, and then your music has a chance to be liked or not. Biggies like Apple, Rhapsody, Amazon, Spotify etc. do not favor those with low quality products. Hence, you need o upgrade your game to get a decent response.

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  1. Become interactive on Social platforms

It is good to be social on social media and otherwise as well. Networks like twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr or any other must work cohesively as a promotional tool in order to maintain synchronization with each other. According to the research, streaming platforms are more inclined to support those who have a sound social presence, or you can a branded-image already. For example, if you are an independent label or artist, you got to have a high-end quality image and professional press photo with a logo attached to it on your Facebook cover.

  1. Create an online networking

Present your best attempt and create a niche for your brand. Any genre has a defined target audience and to reach the right ones, you need to pick the most suitable look that can lead to a desired exposure. So many user-driven blogs are there, which are solely dependent upon emails from the artists or recording labels in order to maintain their brand by updating with latest music. You as an artist have to create an email list and contact them to engage and build a genuine connection with every small blog you come in contact with, and don’t forget to not spam any of them.

  1. Guide people about your album

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Let everyone know about it, shout out load on all your social channels and even ask your friends and indirect contacts to try it out once. Getting more listeners would enhance the visibility on the network.

  1. Go beyond your online existence

Your audience must have something to hold in their hands so that they know about your work and more importantly identify it only by its name. In short, merchandise yourself for the listeners, go out in public and get some real exposure, which will surely improve for virtual existence.

  1. Collaborate with your record label

This simply means that if a well-established brand or entity will recommend you or your work, it’s definitely going to attract more eye balls and ears. Hence, it’s recommended to get featured by the platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Beatport etc.

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