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Elon Musk Justifies Mass Laying Off of Twitter Employees

Soon after firing 50% of Twitter’s workforce, there has been a mass outrage from ex-Twitter employees(Tweeps) and other celebrities on Twitter.

Many prominent figures have expressed their anger by tweeting on the public platform.

US Representative Alexandria Cortez tells ex-Twitter employees can actually sue Elon Musk since NY has a WARNS law which requires 90 days notice for mass layoffs.

There were many Tweeps who were really heart-broken after getting let go.

Whil some people got highly emotional after losing their jobs there were few who knew this was coming and had a happy face while their journey came to an end.

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Yash Agarwal who worked in Twitter India seems to take this sad news very positively.

Elon Musk Justifies Twitter’s Mass Layoff

Elon Musk justifies cutting down Twitter’s workforce by half because Twitter is in debt and losing $4M every day. Also, those who were laid off were given 3 months’ severance.

Elon Musk plans to charge Twitter users an $8 monthly fee in order to have blue tick verification. It’s one of the steps taken to make Twitter profitable.

Many big brands have announced to pause their advertising spend amidst this fiasco.

Only time will tell in which direction Elon Musk leads Twitter in to or does he just become a billionaire bully?

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