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Five reasons to quit Facebook

Every second person in this world is familiar with Facebook and more than half of them are using it too. Despite being an addictive platform, it has many side effects or loop holes that one realizes while using it. Some of them might be too alarming for few, depending upon the time you have been spending on Facebook. For now just read few factors below that can at least make you question whether it’s worth using Facebook or you should quit:

Time waster

Absolutely right, no doubt about it. If you will count on fingers, an astounding fact will be found, which might not make you happy. We spend one-third of our free time on Facebook and for some this goes up to half of the time. Now we know why there is so much less time these days. Facebook sucks away all your time that you could have used to do much more than showing off on Facebook or increasing your so-called list of friends.

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Money pit

Facebook simply stocks up all our information that we put up as personal details to sell to the big companies, which further allows them in marketing research and advertising campaigns. They are desperately looking for their target groups and Facebook makes money for bridging this gap of demand and supply. No wonder, we all get to close down so many pop-up ads on our timeline. It’s all about multiplying profits from our information that we are so casual about.

No privacy for profiles

Facebook is continuously trying to make our profiles more visible. To hide your name from searches is no more available for the users. Though the privacy panel is filled with new options but to suppress or hide your information isn’t something they want you to choose. All you have to do is block that person if you want to keep them from seeing your profile.

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Cannot be trusted

Recently, Facebook conducted a secret study where around 690000 users were in a scrutiny without their knowledge. Their interactions from their timeline were used in a report on emotional contagion, which is basically the phenomenon to manipulate someone’s emotions on Facebook. Facebook unapologetically used info without users’ consent and is least bothered about the unethical conduct it followed regarding the privacy of public profiles.

Makes you less happy

According to a study done by the department of Behavioral Science Utah Valley University, revealed that using Facebook can lead you to see your life in a negative light. This was conducted with 400 students who agreed upon the fact that using Facebook for longer hours, they were less happy than others. It’s a proven fact now, that spending more time on social networks can make you feel sad about your life or can demotivate you in long run.

Next time, think more than twice when you share your ‘What’s happening?’ status, what’s so happening about it and why you feel the need to share it?

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