10 Best Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel can be promoted by using various elements that comprise a channel.

Creating a good quality video is not something that will guarantee you a fixed viewership. Other than creative aspects, YouTube channel promotion has to be according to the viewers you are targeting. And when you know them well, make changes accordingly in your promotional strategy. The following points will help you to promote YouTube channel, go through them before implementing:

  1. Add customised thumbnails

If you want to increase YouTube views and want more subscribers to add in, to seek attention instantly by attracting their eye-balls with an attractive thumbnail is an advantage you need to make the most of. A title of the video explains what the video is about and a thumbnail emphasizes on the points a viewer is searching for. Now, this can be done with an appealing and HD image and also with a subtitle attached to it. So that the viewer knows what he will get out of it. Keep the format of the image JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and the resolution of minimum 640 pixels and use 16:9 aspect ratio preferably. You can further control all setting in video manager.

  1. Know what the audience wants

Any brand or channel is trying to impress a particular set of audience, to find out what type of things they are most attracted to should be your foremost concern. If you are observing that they are constantly looking for a solution on your channel, make sure you are uploading something related to it. And to deeply evaluate it YouTube Analytics is a recommended tool.

  1. Stay active in the Community

Engaging a community and to remain in constant communication with them, there is a big difference in both. You can buy YouTube views but it is not s permanent solution if you are striving to get active participation from the viewers, rather you need to set an example first. A genuine comment and response from the people is the most organic thing you can expect from your YouTube channel. But it gets a little difficult to reply each and everyone and to handle them all at once. Therefore try to stay active in the community and make sure you acknowledge their interest in time.

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  1. Add an engaging title

With appropriate use of keywords, you can build a strong audience. And when the word is added to the title of your video, its searchable value and engaging factor multiply hundred times. According to a research conducted by Tubular Insights, in comparison to YouTube, Facebook, and Buzzfeed, YouTube titles were much shorter. And short titles receive more views and clicks from the viewers, which is a noteworthy point.

  1. Cross-promote your channel

To promote YouTube channel, you got to spread the word on other available social channels. It gives a push to the previous ones as well, for instance, you can a link to the previous videos on the channel in the description of the new upload. This gives a reference to your previous works and improves its viewership as well.

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  1. Create a video series on weekly basis

Any existing channel that has a fixed audience already, and wants to improve on the same front needs to introduce something exceptional yet essential. The best example would be adding a weekly video series, which is done by many renowned Youtube Channels. This keeps the current followers curious and they wait for the notification. It’s a brilliant way to keep thing interactive and interesting for the viewers. Few ads conduct this on a monthly basis.

  1. Use the power of playlists

Enabling navigation easy for the audience, a possible solution is to create playlists. This makes things simpler and in a categorized manner for the viewers while searching for a particular video. Users who are looking for a specific topic do not end up viewing noting or wrong video, rather they find something worth watching if you have maintained different playlists.

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  1. Allow users to embed your videos

When you have a Youtube channel and high-quality videos for the viewers, it’s apt for you to embed them in blog posts. Also, allow others to embed your video which will help your videos get more exposure but before you allow others to publish your video, make sure you get credit for each time the video is published by anyone.

  1. Make Call-to-action count

To compel viewers to like and subscribe your video is what call-to-action aims at. Engaging more and more viewers by using four types of user actions such as subscribe to the channel, watch more videos like or share and leave a comment. YouTube enables you to include different CTAs, like Direct host-mentions, where the host of the video request you to like, share and subscribe; and end-cards does the same thing but it indirectly asks the views to take action.

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  1. Work on Google SERPs

To qualify SERPs there is no certain rule as such but to capture certain keywords like ‘how to’ for a certain topic, you have to use the keywords properly. And before you do it, do some Google searches to know what the keywords should be, you will know the game better,

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