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How to Get 4000 Watch Hours for Your YouTube Channel Quickly?

Expanding your YouTube community is not an easy task for YouTubers after the updated policies regulated by Google, especially the monetization process is complex enough to let one enter into the club. The most difficult conditions to fulfill is to get 4000 watch hours in 12 months, which can be done if you have high-retention views and regularly posted engaging content. To increase watch hours in the quickest possible manner, here are some effective methods that can be implemented:

  1. Go with the trends

Keep a sharp eye on the trending topics, when you find a niche topic floating among the trends that’s the time to act fast and post your video on the topic immediately. Do not wait for the right moment, when people are talking about your stuff, you have to come up with a relevant point, discussion or view on the same. So as to attract new subscribers and viewers. With more number of views, the watch time increases faster, also to discover the trending topics go with Google trends.

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  1. Try hands-on Live streaming

This the most happening and exciting way to attract as many eyeballs in one place, people expect a lot from you and you have to live up to the mark. But definitely, it fetches you better results. The benefit of live video is that you can connect with so many viewers at one point of time and can earn a lot many watch hours in comparison to regular videos.

  1. Collaborate. Collaborate.

Engage and associate your content with as many platforms as possible. With more circulation and sharing you will get to expose the content to a larger audience, with which different section of the audience will be able to watch the content. And a gradual increase through one channel would not bring as many subscribers and watch hours as numerous collaborations will.

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  1. More uploads, the better

The audience is dying to see new content on YouTube, and if you share a relevant stuff for the viewers, it’s going to be viewed, liked and subscribed. Watch time hours keep on adding when the videos are frequently uploaded as the viewers stay connected and wait for the new uploads. Although YouTubers prefer to upload twice or thrice in a week if you are more active and starting out as a beginner, it’s better you work harder and smarter. Doing this can help you accumulate decent watch hours in real quick time.

  1. Learn to retain audience

The secret lies in the initial few seconds of the video you have uploaded, make sure the content or visuals are gripping for the viewers. Allow them to hold on for a few seconds at least, so that it can be counted as a potential watch time. The longer a viewer stays, the more watch time hours will be added to your channel. As per analytics, an average audience retention is less than 50%.

Therefore, it is suggested to upload videos that are able to retain views for every 10 seconds as that’s the maximum audience can stick to in a particular pattern. Otherwise, you should design the video in a way where it keeps on creating new patterns for viewers to cling to the video for long at a stretch.

Bonus Tip:

The last suggestion would be to buy more views on your YouTube videos so that you can help in growing the overall watch hours of the channel. There are some real effective methods to buy YouTube views, which will contribute in qualifying the channel for monetization.

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