How to Build Your Network on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn being an effective medium for professionals can do a lot more for your network. The essential criteria you need to fulfill is to give exposure to a potential audience, which will keep your profile in front of clients. More visibility will bring in referrals and give chance to speak at events or conferences through invitations. This simply means you have to be repetitively be seen and noticed by the viewers as more and more will keep nice of you, announcements and updates will start getting the equal attention that you have been trying to get.

Also, understand that it is not an easy goal to shoot at all at once. Rather a strong network cannot be built instantly, it needs to be handled smartly and patiently to be taken forward in the right direction. Therefore, here are some effective techniques and  efforts you must look at in order to build a sound network on LinkedIn:

  1. Frequent status update

It is estimated that only one-third members are regular visitors, and the other half usually visit within a week. And it has been observed that home feed is usually filled with updates from same members. This establishes the fact that all those who do it actively obviously get more visibility. Hence, some way or the other is influential to build connections across the network.

  1. Keep building connections

Do not find yourself in a place where you feel there is enough number of contacts or connections. Connections are never enough, they are supposed to keep on adding and increasing. Keep finding more opportunities to follow or build a connection with relevant members. Make the most of ‘People you may know’. And in case you decide to connect, send them personalized invitation other than the regular one. A similar feature is ‘alumni’ search option that helps you in getting connected as per the geographical location.

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  1. Stay active strategically

The timing of your activities should be closely observed as it can guide you more than you think. The suitable time to connect and engage with someone is something you should know about. When you are likely to get more response and people are comfortable to get involved is the right time to follow your strategy. Also, try to keep a record of the activities for future reference while analyzing.

  1. Join and participate in LinkedIn groups

Apart from making and conducting your own LinkedIn group, find out more like yours and do participate in them regularly. New topics of conversations are things you should follow and participate in. These interactions help you in finding out who all are following similar thought process as you and that’s what you should not miss out on. If you think those groups are valuable for other connections you know, then start recommending it to them.

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  1. Share-worthy things

Anything you share has to be relevant and hold attract more attention than previous and your current followers housed not felt that any article or link you share was meaningless, unnecessary or exaggerated. Therefore, carefully choose the content to b shared. Even if it is a news update or announcement, it should persuade your connections to get engaged with it. To become valuable to all, you have to be helpful, resourceful and build an interactive dialogue with the members.

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  1. Invite contacts to connect

To increase the number of invitees, you should not think twice before importing your email contacts. Whether they are connected to you from yahoo, outlook, Facebook, Google+, Gmail or anything else. They all are a potential connection with whom you can start building a smart network on LinkedIn from the business perspective or else you might be losing so many prospects of getting engaged with the audience.

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  1. Make smart use of Advanced search

Like many other social media networks, LinkedIn also works and filters throughout the network with the help of keywords, which includes company, qualification, location and so on. But you should know that a lot of users have a premium account, which means they have a refined set of keyword searching facilities, a broader set of parameters. Therefore, considering all these points you are suggested to use advanced search option so that the results are more narrowed down and finally can take you to the target audience.

  1. Carefully accept invitations

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When you are at an initial stage, each and every connection might look valuable to you but gradually as you will understand the network. You will realize how wrong you were, adding all at once disturbs the balance and puts a question mark on your priorities. A quality has to be maintained while accepting the request of anyone. Wait a minute, lay back and think whether the other person is relevant to you in any way or not.

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