How To Grow Your Facebook Fan Page Likes Organically?

We now live in an era where the popularity of companies is being assessed by the number of likes and their followers on Facebook. When the entire world is running towards getting more likes and comments for a profile picture, a lot of strategies are being developed today for you to get more fans for your Facebook page. You can purchase a lot of expensive software, you can bring the desired traffic your way for which you just need to throw in a couple of bucks. And yet, Facebook continues to deceive you claiming it to be free to use.

As the good old saying goes “Every cloud has a silver lining”, this popular social media platform also has a number of silver linings. All that is required from your side is a little effort to increase likes for your page organically. And by getting more likes, you become more popular, reliable, and you get more and more number of fans.

So, how do we go about it? A few steps? Scroll down for more:

  1. Get a Facebook page

Create a page

 The first and foremost step of all: GET A FACEBOOK PAGE. If you want to have followers for your business, you need to have a page first. Create a Facebook Page here.

  1. Study your audience

The first step of all marketing strategies is to study your audience, because at the end of the day the key to your success lies in the hearts of your customers. Study what they want and give them what they want, and not what you have. Keep them happy, and get more fans!

  1. The KISS Formula: Keep It Simple and Stupid

The KISS formula has always proven successful in every functioning area. Optimize your Facebook Page by making it easily accessible and user friendly. Choose a simple page title, give an even simpler description and post interesting content, and you would be half way across the road to more likes and more fans.

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  1. More Likes, More Shares, More Popularity

In the initial stages, you would need to get the help from your friends to like and share the posts from your page as a starter. But once you get across the line, the number of people who visit your page would increase, and so would the likes and shares. So one of the best ways to increase the number of people that view a post and go past the 10% of your fan base is to share and give a little push to the post using your personal page as well. It’s implied that the more number of friends in your personal page, the greater will be the reach of the post.

  1. Affinity Weight and Decay – What are they?

Just the way Google ranks you website, Facebook ranks your posts in its newsfeed using an algorithm that relies heavily on the affinity, weight and decay of every post.

Affinity stands for the relationship you share with other users on the social media platform.

Weight refers to the priority Facebook sets for each post. So the more videos and images you share, you get a little higher on Facebook’s priority lists.

Decay depends on the age of the posts. No one would like to have stale food and no one would like to read stale news. Similarly, the older your posts get, the more likely it is to come up in discussions again.

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  1. People like to see Facebook everywhere!

People these days are getting addicted to social media, and it is a general observed tendency for them to  hunt for the “like” symbol everywhere. Tap this general tendency and use it to make you grow in terms of likes and fans. Add a Facebook Like Button to your website allows your audience to like your page without leaving your site. Here’s a suggestion – add the like button to pop-up pages that appear after someone visits your site, fills in a form or makes a purchase. If they have shown some interest to connect with your business in some way or the other, chances are high that they would like to connect with your page on Facebook too.

Posting and promoting content with substance is vital to growing your Facebook audience. Share with them fascinating news about your industry, start engaging discussions and get them to know you and your industry better, while posing questions to know your audience too. Be that as it may, do not simply depend on your page updates to attain a greater reach among your target audience. Including a link to your Facebook presence in everything from personal profiles to signatures to ads impacts your growth.

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