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How to Buy Spotify Plays and Followers on a Tight Budget?

To promote your Spotify channel, you are told to buy Spotify Plays and followers, which is one of the initial solutions you have to increase listenership on Spotify. Some of the tips that can help you while planning on a tight budget are explained here.

Having a Spotify account for a musician is a must-to-join network in the social media era. Along with this, earning popularity is an equally essential trait to become an established artist. To make it work in the beginning, you need to buy Spotify Plays/ followers.

Making audio tracks superb is a talent that is just not enough if you don’t know the right way to encash that. Therefore, to reach that threshold you need to work out on a few things. For those who are starting off as a beginner on a small budget, should know the following factors while planning to buy Spotify followers/plays:

1.    Choose the most reliable sources

There are few service providers that can be trusted with quality and diligence. Being a smart planner of your Spotify channel, you can go with those trustworthy names and make buying Spotify plays a worthwhile experience. With a tight budget, it is important to pick the right sources for increasing Spotify plays  or followers to make it continue in the long run.

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2.    Start with nominal plans first

For a small push, you can try out for small packages first as they are affordable in price. And later on, you can plan better as per the budget. A satisfactory result once experienced is proof enough to multiple transactions from the same source.

3.    Do not fall for a cheap price

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There are many scamsters on the web, who are keen to disorient you, therefore, do not get into the trap of cheap price. Make sure the quality they are offering is up to the mark. Cross-check the claims from the google reviews added by previous customers. It is recommended to opt for a service provider that has been in the industry for a while and have been giving productive results to the customers. Especially, when you have a restricted budget, you need to be even more cautious about making the right choice.

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4.    Think about the long-term association

When you know, Spotify success is not a one-day process, you must strategize it accordingly. Any long-term service or collaboration is any day cheaper and reasonable compared to the short-term associations. Considering this point, you can gradually move to plans that are termed for a longer period of time but are definitely cheaper as they are in bulk quantity. Therefore, once you are sure about a specific service, you should make it work for your brand in the best way, which is to go with a long-term plan from the trusted service provider.

5.    Invest in selected tracks

When you think your work is really good and should be heard by the listeners, buy Spotify Plays for those limited tracks. As a musician, you need to pick the best of your work and make it popular in the international market. Not all tracks you released are as popular as you expected them to be. So, you need to evaluate the best work you produced and invest money on it wisely. Rather than wasting it on any other not-so-liked track. It is a smart way to manage your tight budget, which definitely is going to give you a good return.

6.    Push those liked most by the audience

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Go with the taste of your listeners, what they like must have something in it. Hence, take that forward among Spotify users as it is more likely to get appreciation across the network. You can buy Spotify plays on that specific track rather than spending on others. An opinion poll is a beneficial and must-try tool for Spotify. Before buying plans, you should know what all music tracks are picked first by the audience. Knowing them is not enough, you should list out those who are most likely to get on top charts if pushed further by buying real Spotify plays. Buy plans for tracks that are most shared and listened to songs of all times.

7.    Collaborate with small record labels

More fund and finance can work well for both when you are tight on a budget. Join hands with an emerging record label and promote your music with paid service providers. If you are an artist, a low budget label would know your value than anyone else, you need to explore this more. Get in touch with people who are willing to invest in the fresh talent and are pro towards giving you an opportunity as a creative input in the album.

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8.    Take advise from the pioneers in the industry

You can always look up to the self-made names in the industry, they will always have something special to enlighten you with. Either with your own talent or experience, or someone else’s you have to work out on different plans. Some might work and the rest of them will become lessons. But listening to ancestors of the industry will be a wise approach to follow. They might not help you directly in buying Spotify plays, but their piece of advice will make you think in a better way, which you could never have on your own. At last, your gut feeling is the best way to test your decision. Go with the gut, is your ultimate deciding factor, after listening and going through all the clutter around.


A wide and popular network like Spotify can work for a musician with a cheap budget only when he/she consider all the factors mentioned above. At least, think about the possibilities you have while planning towards i

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