how to get first 1000 youtube subscribers

How to Get First 1000 Subscribers for Your YouTube Channel

If you want to start your own YouTube Channel or perhaps you have already started a YouTube Channel or you want to start your career as a YouTuber, then following are certain ways with the help of which you will be able to get first 1000 subscribers for your YouTube Channel.

  1. Get Yourself a Qualitative Video Editing Software:

mac editing software

If you are going to upload the videos on regular basis, it is important that your subscribers enjoy qualitative video clarity. Plus, at the same time, your subscribers will feel that if you use good and qualitative editing software for you videos, then you truly are a professional YouTuber. Such video editing software usually comes with 30 days free trial period. If you are a windows user, you can try Camtasia and if you use Mac, you can probably go for Screen-Flow.

  1. Get Yourself a Qualitative Image Editing Software:


The viewers usually click on the videos by looking at the video thumbnails. Thus, it is important that you out appealing, rich and qualitative images in your video thumbnails. The thumbnails represent your entire video in one go and hence, it is important to put a catchy and attractive thumbnails. There are various free and qualitative soft-wares available on the internet. We would suggest “Gimp” as one of the best soft-wares as image editors. It will work well with Windows, Mac and even Linux. Create the image according to the tastes and preferences of your viewers. This will make the audience view your video initially, and eventually subscribe to it. Once, your video start getting more views and subscription, you can even get paid for YouTube views.

  1. Promising and Attractive Channel Art is the key:

YouTube provides a free art layout for the channel. It represents about the content ion your channel in a single picture. Hence, it is important that you make the channel art as attractive, promising and beautiful as possible. Again, by using “Gimp” software, you can create your own channel art.

  1. Qualitative Content to attract viewers and subscribers:

Along with good video and audio content, ensure that you make your videos bright and attractive. If you feel that certain part of the videos are boring or unwanted, do edit them and remove them off before uploading the final video. Do remember that dry and dull videos will not attract the audience at all. The more effort you will put in these videos, more the audience will feel the sense of sincerity and hard work coming from it. This shall certain will give you more and more views along with subscribers.

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  1. Decide a schedule for your channel:

If you really want people to subscribe to your channel, it is important that you maintain the consistency in uploading the videos. You must create a weekly or fortnightly schedule for your channel and strictly stick to the same. Let your audience also know about your schedule where you will be releasing the videos. It also happens many times that due to inconsistency, the YouTubers lose their audience and people unsubscribe to their channel. Ensure that your channel does not go dormant for too long.

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  1. Have a theme based channel:

You can target specific set of people in order to attract them to subscribe to your YouTube Channel. It is always better to decide a theme for the channel and videos rather than going for random ones. Try to make your videos and channel specific. Let your audience know the kind of videos you make. For example, do you make vlogs? Or do you make fashion and style videos? Or do you make humour based or comedy videos? Or do you make cooking videos? If you are interested in making two or more types of videos based on categories, then ensure that you create different channel for them. The different channels will earn more subscribers to you for sure rather than mixing them up.

  1. Channel Trailer or Channel intro is always a good way to start:

youtube channel trailer

Ensure that you put the channel trailer or a small introduction about your channel in the beginning. This will let the people know a gist about the content that may be there inside the video. Also, they will know what they can expect in future videos.

  1. Get, Set and Go:

Once, you follow above mentioned ways and steps, you finally come to a point from where you can start and boost off your YouTube business. These steps will help you attain your first 1000 subscribers. Do not forget to celebrate the milestone and share it with your audience to motivate them to gain you more subscribers.

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