How to Get Your Hashtag Trending on Twitter

Twitter is a social platform known for its magnanimous user base and trending hashtags. To trend a topic equals to multiply the visibility with huge number of audience. Anything that trends simply reflects its popularity and relevance at that point of time. To be able to achieve that status, it requires to have all right things placed perfectly to their respective places. Trending an event or topic is considered essential for the growth of followers, community interaction, and audience research. Here are few must-follow tips if one wishes to create a trending topic on Twitter:

  1. Involve current followers

Your existing audience or followers can help in pushing the initial attempts required to make a topic trend. An interactive session such as happy hour, webinar or twitter chat is a user-friendly technique to engage as many followers as possible at once. By doing this, the followers is likely to improve

  1. Create original hashtag

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Selection of topic is crucial, you have to come up with a unique thought so that it can attract the audience to participate. Something not-so-formal, rather casual, the audience should feel relatable to the subject plus it should offer them something beneficial. Else the trend won’t take off in a desirable manner. Try not to repeat any trend used before, it has to offer a refreshing perspective that audience feels interested in.

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  1. Timing matters the most

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According to expert report, its recommended to avoid prime time TV slot, as it minimises the chances of visibility of the content with which you want to reach out to the community. It’s better to place it in a less competitive time slot. The purpose is to gather as many audience at a particular time, therefore, keep the things suitable as per the preferences of the audience.

  1. Engage more partners

Involving co-hosts, sponsors, or guest speaker adds up to the strategy you are following. Associating more people with you will take it to the greater height of acceptance and visibility. Add stakeholders and tagging them along would be even smarter in terms of expanding the boundary of audience within the industry. You need find the closest possible partners that might be interested in the initiative, ask them for cooperation and give them valuable knowledge in exchange of it.

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  1. Stick to the plan

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If you pick a goal to accomplish, follow it through a planned strategy without expecting too much at the initial stage. Stay patient and persistent until you get a favourable result as it doesn’t lead the way you think it should. But having a constant approach can help a lot more in reinventing the strategy.

  1. Focus on one account

To run a successful trending hashtag, it important to have rich content but make sure you post it from single account, whether its a brand or personal account. Whatever might be the case, focus has to be on that account. Although doing it with more than one account can be beneficial but its wise to stick to one.

  1. Post interesting content

interesting content

Created content is a kind of investment that you make to get attention from the target audience, which in this case is large in numbers. While posting the content, the objective is to drive the audience to a specific website or call to action. Hence, in order to get that offering something entertaining or funny would pay off instantly.

  1. Add ‘calls to action’


To achieve maximum engagement for the topic to trend, either you have the option to pay for promoting a tweet or ask others to spread the word by tweeting, favoriting, replying or retweeting. Both ways a topic can make it to the top of the list. But the best way is to ask the existing community to circulate and share the content plus ask them to contribute voluntarily on their part.

  1. Tweets must have a human touch

Apart from all the technicalities that one should follow, do not forget to give your content a personal approach so that the audience embrace the tweets more. Giving it an emotional quotient can magnify the impact and reach which is incomparable to any alternative. Put relevant questions and answer all the queries quickly. Interactions, mentions and continuously driven engagement will take it the topic ahead among the top trends, so try to  attract as many eyes and intrigue as many minds.

  1. Keep a track of your success


To evaluate and measure the success of the hashtag you are working for, make sure you maintain a track of all the tweets and conversions.This will help you find out how many times the links have been clicked, which will be beneficial in building awareness and also in generating email leads depending upon the received database.

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