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How to Use Instagram Videos to Market Your Business

Instagram is no more just-a-picture-sharing social platform, rather an exclusive network to share videos, especially for promoting your business as Instagram is becoming quite popular among young users. But to gain more audience your strategy needs to stand-out in creative quality. A sixty seconds duration is too short of a span to attract the viewers, to retain them for long you can follow various techniques. The following are the methods to implement by any business in order to market it on Instagram:

  1. Upload some ‘how-to’ videos

You can combine video marketing with content marketing by creating interesting insightful videos related to your product or business and upload it for similar interest viewers. By creating short videos such as problem-solving content for the viewers or guiding them about something new they didn’t know about. While doing this, you can involve your own line of products or service to demonstrate the process. Showing a demo is much more liked than a traditional form of the user manual. Please note that the size of the images or videos should not be too heavy so that all types of viewers can watch it easily.

  1. Promote but don’t overdo it

The difference is so thin that you need to maintain the gap, it should not get too self-promotional that it loses its meaning. Instead of making it a promotional act, you can keep it informational. Doing this will indirectly make your video promotional. As Instagram is not a formal or traditional social network rather the users are very much casual about the content. Hence, the brand can upload informational stuff in this user-oriented environment.

  1. Build user-generated content

It is a new concept becoming popular on the social channels. This simply means to incorporate the content created by the users in the promotional strategy of the brand. Both the brand and the users can generate more content and attention from the viewers as it sends a message of togetherness and belongingness with the brand among the users. In order to build a strong relationship with the users, it can become a successful tool.

  1. Capture behind the scenes moments

By giving an inside view the audience feels more connected to the brand and make things more transparent for the consumers to stay connected with the brand for a long term. Examples of this type of content can be of making a video about ‘how to make your product?’ Or sharing views on how the event of the company looked like from backstage. These videos can instill interest and build a connection with the viewers.

  1. Keep a sense of humor

Anything done with a pinch of humorous sense gets more appreciation than anything else. Videos getting viral are moly those that have a certain amount of fun element attached to it. Such content is not only shared more but also remembered for a long time.

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  1. Teasers and sneak peeks are cool

Giving out anything in advance but not completely can help you build a strong anticipation, which is very much essential to lift the interest of the viewers, Plus, the viewers stay intrigued about the stuff to come out. It automatically improves the viewership. You should spread it out as much as possible to create curiosity, which helps your campaign to be tracked by the audience. And till the last moment, you need to maintain the suspense. It’s a smart method to attract many followers compared to the usual trend.

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  1. Balance between fun and business

Make sure it’s not just about being funny all the time. Stick to the purpose, which is to promote your business through entertaining them, informing them and ultimately persuading them to be a part of it as a viewer and a customer. Updates have to be both entertaining as well as relevant to the message you want to pitch for the viewers i.e. to promote the brand.

  1. Embed videos on the website or blog

On your website, it’s essential to showcase the latest content you have been posting.With this, the regular traffic of the website starts taking interest in the campaigns you are conducting on Instagram and helps them to participate and enables them to stay connected. Actually, it should be a compulsion to include all social channels on the website they belong to. It merges all sorts of contacts at one pace and it becomes easier for the audience to sync with them.

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  1. Pull off few photo contests along with Facebook

Picking up new photos from the contest and showcasing the talent of the followers is another motivating gesture to be executed by a brand. This is a great way to compile all the interest people on one platform by adding relevant hashtags to it, plus taking it to another social network as well such as Facebook.

  1. Include industry relevant hashtags

Anything trending on the network or the web becomes a talking point as soon as you start adding the relevant tags. Therefore, this technique has to be used especially by adding popular tags of the industry. Any photo or video must have the hashtag attached to it to help it gain maximum visibility. Random people searching for relevant content o the search bar can easily get to know about your updates and the brand you want to promote.

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