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How to Increase Followers on Linkedin Company Page

A company page on LinkedIn can be a marketing tool for promotion and improve visibility by sharing engaging content. LinkedIn is one of the most used and accepted platforms among professionals and company pages use this as a promoting tool and shares relevant information often. It’s not just about building a brand value, customer is not the targeted audience here rather it’s about company’s internal professionals, achievements and other competitors in the market. It’s also a discussion forum for various industries and considered as a platform where similar interest groups can comment and share their views as a professional with an open outlook. Here are few LinkedIn marketing tips that can increase number of followers of a company page:

  1. Employees: first one to follow

Add workplace in Linkedin

Employees must add the business page as their workplace, doing this allows them to become a follower automatically and contributes as one of the effective LinkedIn marketing tools.

  1. Optimize to amplify

To qualify for ‘best-of-lists’ as they are more likely to get up to 40% amplification, you should optimize the content to avail such benefits.

  1. Add plugins

Linkedin plugin

Including a LinkedIn plugin to follow on the website or blog will improve the possibility of getting more followers for the page. There are many plugins available for WordPress websites and you can also generate plugin code from LinkedIn’s website.

  1. Include videos

Sharing YouTube video on Linkedin

Sharing YouTube videos with the followers will give an obvious uplift to the reach and frequency of sharing will improve.

  1. Play with keywords

Relevant keywords work in favor of search engine optimization, most importantly for longer descriptive content it’s a must to use.

  1. Establish an interactive channel

Try to maintain a constant interactive channel with the existing followers or connections that you have on LinkedIn.

  1. Similar group interests

Groups on Linkedin

Participate in industry-related groups to share insights on both sides.

  1. Company insights

To get information about the company is one of the major reasons that 53% of professionals have acknowledged the reason behind joining LinkedIn as a network.

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  1. Promote on other networks

Spread the word through other mediums as well such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

  1. Highlight categorically

Utilize multiple LinkedIn showcase pages in order to categorize different initiatives taken by the company and also a defined list of products, which simultaneously helps in growing your brand.

  1. Quality has no prosthetic

Post quality content on your page as it reflects sincerity and dedication as a professional entity and contributes in improving the brand image.

  1. Linking page with guest post

Writing a blog post on LinkedIn and linking your page within the post can give referral traffic to the page, plus it might add up your ranking on Google in regard to the LinkedIn keywords.

  1. Maintain regularity

A routine or regularity in the posts gives your page reasonable attention and increases comments, shares and of course follows is a must LinkedIn marketing Strategy to follow for all businesses regardless of the nature they deal in.

  1. Use analytics

Company insights

Evaluating and monitoring LinkedIn analytics can get you more LinkedIn connections. Especially those you have been looking for, insights of what is being liked the most gives a rough idea about the LinkedIn endorsements trending lately.


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  1. Employees must share often

Employees can literally prove themselves as a useful asset here; LinkedIn for small business can help in growing the reach and visibility of the page by sharing the posts.

  1. Engage other professionals

In order to follow tested LinkedIn tips for businesses, one can engage with other businesses in the industry, share posts and interact often, gives your page an edge over another. Also, gives a valid point and encourage more professionals to follow.

  1. Include images

Images are more widely accepted on all platforms and LinkedIn is no different, add more visuals.

  1. Add ‘Call of action’

To invite more comments and views from the visitors, add a call of action at the end of the post. If you think there is  just too much work involved to increase followers for your LinkedIn Company page, you can just buy LinkedIn followers right away.

  1. Limit self-promotion

Self-promotion is an accepted strategy but as per LinkedIn marketing strategy, 80% industry-related information and 20% self-promotion is considered reasonable and preferable. You should know what to post on LinkedIn to get maximum engagement.

  1. Job postings can click

Recent job posts on your page must be shared as they are linked with the popular or trending job postings and can get the attention from the followers.

  1. Track your score

Company’s LinkedIn content marketing score can be tracked to know the actual percentage of reach of the content in comparison to other pages, while giving suggestions regarding further strategies to plan.

  1. Post at peak hours

Posts must be updated according to LinkedIn’s most busy hours to leave a mark such as on Weekdays.

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