Spotify vs Pandora: Which Is the Best?

Spotify and Pandora are considered among few popular music streaming services. But the mechanism differs in many ways at various stages. On a basic level, Spotify allows its users to choose any track they want to listen to. While Pandora is just a radio service, which has no such facility to fulfill the demands of the listeners, unlike Spotify. Therefore, these two are on different pages but when it comes to comparison in terms of quality of service few features are there to consider. Few of them are listed as under to conclude, which one overpowers the other as per the following factors:

Music Library

In terms of quantity and availability of the music, both are very quite competitive to an extent. Spotify has over 20 times large catalog to offer as compared to Pandora. So many songs are there for the listeners, Hence, Spotify holds a bigger stature among other music streaming services. Although Pandora also has a decent number of listeners they stand nowhere when compared to Spotify. The format of Spotify and quick availability of music makes it a winner over Pandora.

Spotify 1 – Pandora 0

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Additional social features

Music is such a great form of art needs to be shared with friends and closed one. Spotify and Pandora both the platforms understood the importance of this gesture and enabled their users to share the tracks they like with their contacts and even recommend artists and playlists to them. Pandora has taken this feature further ahead by allowing its users to share the tracks across other social channels like Facebook and Twitter. Even Spotify supports all these facilities, along with that Spotify enables the users to share songs, playlists and particular artists through social channels plus they can directly send it to their friends’ Spotify app. Spotify gives you the power to collaborate and create playlists and make them public so that anyone can listen to the list of songs. Again Spotify has come far from Pandora and a clearly outsmarts Pandora in this section as well.

Spotify 2 – Pandora 0

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Discover new music

Pandora being the pioneer of radio streaming service since 2000 made sure that it included all kinds of artists and genres for the listeners. Due to this, with time Pandora built a Project called Music Genome, which is made to serve listeners with the exact track, artist or genre they are looking for. Therefore, finding the right music for a listener is easiest to do on Pandora. Here, Spotify is lacking behind from many points and Pandora is the clear winner.

Spotify 2 – Pandora 1

Free service

Accessible music on both the platforms is limited either on the desktop or mobile version. On free Pandora account, the subscribers get to see a set number of audio advertisements that range from 15 to 30 seconds. Plus, free subscribers are only allowed to listen to low-quality audio as the affordability of quality music is available for paid subscribers. Even Spotify has nothing special for free subscribers, they are getting the same treatment. Both the networks have similar approach about free users.


Paid service

If you want to get membership of Pandora named as Pandora One, it will cost you $4.99 monthly. In this, the member will get access to download a desktop application and not just a browser running web page. Although it’s quite affordable still fails to satisfy in comparison to Spotify. Spotify offers a premium subscription in $9.99 per month but it has to offer a lot more than Pandora. An ad-free playback, offline downloading option, better audio quality. Along with that, it comes up with special offers like $4.99 per month package for students, family package on adding new members, etc. Spotify’s continuously growing library is way more appealing than Pandora’s limited library and access.

Spotify 3 – Pandora 1

Interface experience

The last category is quite essential as the users depend on the services the interface is providing. On both platforms, the services are different and so as the interface. Pandora users can access music on mobile, browser and desktop program as well, which is convenient to use. Also, when a track is selected, the details and relevant information related to it immediately prompts. Whereas, streaming on Spotify is allowed via two methods i.e mobile app and desktop program and both of them are well-structured and relatively much more sorted. For instance, things are displayed in the categoric format which doesn’t look cluttered rather very precise and to the point. It’s a well-designed interface and a better interface.

We’ll  let you decide which UI appeals to you more.


After considering all the factors, Spotify seems to overpower Pandora in most of the features, which makes it the best option to choose among all music streaming services. Although Pandora is very competitive and is a bit different in terms of the basic nature. Yet in the race of relativity Spotify is the clear winner.


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