Microsoft to Pay Users If They Search with Bing

Microsoft has now come up with a scheme in which the objective is to encourage more people to use Bing as a search engine instead of Google. In fact, Microsoft has decided to pay users of Britain to choose bing over other search engines. This would work with the help of reward points, Microsoft will give users opportunity to earn points if they make an online purchase. By surfing the web the points can be redeemed for music and movies. This scheme is known as Loyalty program to invite new users into the club. This loyalty program has been existing in the US since few years but this time it’s going to be rolled out in the UK as well.

Reports of suggest that the reason to start reward point scheme is to provide something to Microsoft’s existing users as well as to attract new customer base to Bing. These points can also be redeemed on the items available in the Microsoft Store. Alongside with that points can be earned through taking quizzes, participating in challenges, or by entering as competitors.

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The reward points can be redeemed at two levels i.e. Level 1 and Level 2. In level 1 the members are allowed to earn points against 10 searches per day, whereas in level 2 upto 50 reward points can be earned on a daily basis, it also includes few exclusive offers for the users to make use of. The limit of earning points in a month is 500 points.

As a member of Bing, on any single search one can earn 3 points by default, this means that Level 1 members can earn upto 30 points daily while level 2 members can go upto 150 points each day. Please note that after completing quizzes both level members can earn 30 points. However, one should not worry about the number of searches already made as they  get refreshed each day.

Head of Consumer Marketing of Microsoft states this scheme to be unlike with others as in this, one does not have to spend loads of money to earn points in return, rather you have to earn it by doing searches on Bing, which will then qualify you as a member to earn points. And these points will certainly be added into your account for as long as you are logged in to redeem those points further. This unique scheme is going to be launched in Germany, Canada and France soon.

This attempt seems to be an effort to compete with the giant competitors like Google, which is currently holding a strong position on the web as a search engine.  Though currently its going to be implemented and practiced in a limited region but in the near future this would also be introduced in different parts of the world. These new innovation in the market are likely to create ripples in the market or at least would leave an impact on other competitors to up their game even if they are at the top right now..

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