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Best Time for Uploading a Video on YouTube

YouTube being one of the biggest money-making platforms in the world, it has millions of users. Being a social, educational site, millions of people share their ideas, their views, entertainment stuff, study material and many more videos available for normal viewers for free of cost.

The main question that arises in every YouTube users mind is how do we earn money on YouTube and how do YouTube generate revenue for us. YouTube is based on a simple mechanism. The videos are monetized with advertisements that are provided by many companies all around the world to promote their products. When normal people view the videos, they come through an advertisement of hardly 4 to 5 seconds through which YouTube generates revenue for us. Due to lack of knowledge, many people fail to earn money on this platform.

What is the best time to upload a video?

By analyzing various channels and uploads, we came to an output of best weekly timings to upload a video on YouTube to gain more profit from it.

Monday to Wednesday: 2 PM to 4 PM

Thursday and Friday: 2 PM to 3 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 9 AM to 11 AM

The best days to upload a video are on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You can find good quality viewers on these days and can generate a bit higher income.

The methods are to be followed on a daily basis and you have to keep patience to see appropriate results. If you just upload one video and expect for 1000 views, it is practically not possible.

Although these all methods are tested hundreds of time and proven by many people, I still recommend you to do your work with full efforts and you will surely get good results.

Additional Points to increase views on YouTube

  1. Upload a Good Quality video

YouTube users highly prefer Full HD videos on their channel so that they can provide enough felicity to their viewers. To get more views on your videos, this is a basic rule to upload good quality videos and present original content rather than copying videos. The fake videos will waste the time of your viewers and they will henceforth avoid visiting your channel. So it is always recommended to provide original videos to keep them engaged.

  1. Provide a Decent Title

Selecting a title for a newly uploaded video should be different from other videos and should be based on the topic of your video. Title is a very important factor to rank your video on YouTube. Select appropriate Title with around 60 characters and use keywords in the title.

  1. A proper Description

A description provides an overview about what your video is based on, keep your description bold and clear so that it becomes easier for the viewers to get an idea about your video. You can also promote your other videos through links in the description and also provide social media links.

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  1. Proper Tags

One of the most important ways to rank your video on YouTube is through providing proper tags using keywords in them. The tags should be relevant to your videos and if you put them right, they can take you video right on the top.

  1. Getting subscribers

The subscribers are the people that get linked to your channel and get notified each time you upload a new video. The more subscribers you have, the more views you get on your new videos without any external efforts.

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  1. Forums

If you are a member of any forum, you can easily share your newly uploaded video on that forum to get more views.

  1. Use Blogs and Websites

The Blogs and Websites can also provide you with tons of views if you embed your newly uploaded videos on them.

  1. Use Social Media

By sharing your videos on different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. you can get a good amount of views and subscribers.

  1. Response to popular videos

When one of you video gets popular, make a response to it, which you will find in the response features and if that gets approved, you can get hundreds of views on that video.

  1. Create Playlists

By creating different playlists, you can keep the viewers engaged in your different videos to increase views and it will also help you get more subscribers.

  1. Content-based on your channel name

You should stick to the topic name and upload videos based on that content. For example, if I have a technical channel then I can’t upload the beauty tips on my channel. By doing this, you disrespect your viewers and your views go on decreasing.


There are many more methods available regarding how to increase views on YouTube videos, but this information is quite sufficient and only the information won’t give you the results, you will have to work on your passion and have the patience for best results.

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