Reddit Enhancement Suite

What Is Reddit Enhancement Suite?

Reddit Enhancement Suite is a browser extension of Reddit and is compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and more, earlier it was only available on Safari. Some of the features of Reddit Enhancement suite is common with Reddit but many others are only available on RES i.e. Reddit Enhancement Suite. Most of the Reddit users consider RES the fundamental plugin. This extension is amazingly robust with so many options available, which empowers an average user to an experienced and competent one.

Some of the most important characteristics of RES you should know about are mentioned below:

  1. Customize-friendly tool

Reddit Enhancement Suite enables you to customise anything you wish to. But most of the users are not aware of this facility. In many ways, it’s the best platform you will find especially if you want to set-up things by your own.

  1. Allows images on site

The front page of Reddit is cluttered with so many images and those who are not the users of RES can only access those images when they click on it from an external website. But that’s not the case with RES, here images are displayed and accessible on the home page. In addition, RES has introduced camera at the bottom, you can open the images of the page by clicking on the icon. Also, you can adjust and modify the size of the image. Please stay cautious about the NSFW images that keep on popping-up, RES does not have any filter for that. If you do not want such unwanted pop-ups, do not click on all images.

  1. Becomes endless

Reddit primarily isn’t a platform where you can get relevant things easily, it asks you to invest some time and remain patient while you are searching things. On RES, the search feature becomes as flexible as on any other social network like Facebook or Twitter. You need to scroll down and the updates will keep on loading more for you, however, this can be turned off from RES panel of settings.

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  1. Monitor total votes

On Reddit, karma works like currency. And they improve only with the increase of Upvotes. These votes are not supposed to be disclosed on Reddit but on Reddit Enhancement Suite the vote tallies are visible, anyone and everyone can see the number of votes in favor or against.

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  1. Drop messages without leaving page

If you want to send a large number of messages on Reddit, RES will make it simpler for you. On a regular version, you have to open the message window, you have to select the users’ name and message one by one, which is time-consuming and tiring. Whereas, on the contrary, with RES you can do it quickly. The first method is by pressing Ctrl+M, which will open a quick message box and send the messages. And in

The second method, you can select specific names in one thread and send the message immediately.

  1. Use night mode

RES keeps you from staring at the bright screen by allowing you to activate the night mode, which makes h escrow go gray and light blue. This reduces the strain and damage right screen could cause to your eyes.

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