Complete guide to increase Twitter followers

The Complete Guide to Increase Your Twitter Followers

A challenge that everyone has to face is to keep on growing the community on any social channel like Twitter. It is the ultimate objective to attain for any business, brand or person while posting or tweeting anything. Some methods have been discovered and proven to be worth following by the social media experts. These tips would revolve around the techniques you must follow or criteria to cross-check in order to gain maximum number of followers.

Here the list is not solely focused on increasing Twitter followers but the aim is to provide suggestions that can help you in gaining the right type of followers, who are really interested in your business or relate to it in some way o the other. When such audience is convinced with the concept they turn into brand advocates or loyal customers.

The foremost rule to get more followers is to stay patient and stick to the plan as it can take some time to get the grip of it. Twitter needs to be given a lot of time, effort, and persistence, only then you can expect some positive results.

Here are the areas and aspects you should be careful about:

One major factor to increase your following is through enhancing the visibility of your profile. The points you should keep in mind are:

1. Relevance of Profile details

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Before expecting a tremendous response from the users make sure you have fulfilled the criteria such as Name, Location, Website, Display pic, Header image, Pinned Tweet and more. All these details convey strong messages from your side and also the information mentioned in each category reaches to the right audience or target users you are looking for.

Provide as many details as possible whether it’s your website or blog URL, your location or bio. Keep all things crisp and must be interesting to read.

2. Cross-promotion of your account

To keep all updates in sync, you must embed the tweets on your profile, this will help the traffic to know about the latest tweets or updates posted. Also, doing this can potentially bring in many new followers in your kitty. Plus, you can add the Twitter account by including it into the Email signature and e-newsletters, if any.

Another to promote the account is to share the tweets on other platforms as well. The purpose is not just to share the post rather you must give them a reason to follow you.

3. Combine Twitter along with live events

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To make any event accessible to the maximum number of audience, Twitter is one of the best platforms to assist you. By using the relevant hashtags, you can increase the reach of the event tremendously. When you decide to host an event make sure it’s integrated with Twitter.

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4. Get more users engaged

To tweet out interesting stuff is the best method to get attention from the audience. Twitter being a fast moving social network where things do not stay in trends for long, they keep on changing. Therefore, to grab maximum viewership, keep on changing the frequency of the tweets to gain new followers.

5. Go with a strategic plan

Pitch something productive through your tweets, which can persuade them to follow you back. The objective is to educate and entertain people about the product. Make a content strategy according to the response you are receiving on your tweets. You must take out some time to interact with the followers and those who have been in constant touch. Either the content is some aspirational quotations or images that can motivate the readers about your product and life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about your brand but it can be DIY instructions, lifestyle tips etc. Things that can improve the quality of life of the users in some way would be considered aspirational.

Th second category of content is thought leadership, in this as a brand you need to guide the users about the industry and some tips that can help them in overcoming the challenges or assist them about their career. Industry insights for the professionals can improve their understanding and overall outlook, which has to be there for the followers.

6. Include more visuals

Vibrant images in your tweets can enhance the effect and quality of content. To grab attention from the existing and new followers, high-quality pictures should be added to the tweet. As per the reports, tweets that comprise of images get 313 percent more engagement. This simply means that more engagement leads to more searches by random users. You can also implement the following points:

  1. Tag others in your image
  2. Directly upload photos
  3. Post more than one image in your tweets
  4. GIFs add more value to the content
  5. Stickers are attention-grabbing
7. Add useful Hashtags

Tagging relevant hashtags is an important to improve the reach of the content shared. Similar interest groups can easily find out when they search trough related keywords. But make it a point that you do not overload it with irrelevant tags or unnecessarily include anything that is not worth adding. Hashtags have to be precise and specific otherwise it looses its meaning.

8. Remain active and tweet regularly


Twitter is not about one-time promotion but a continuous process that has to be regularly updated with equally interesting content. Stay inactive for long can become a reason for losing the existing following you have been getting on Twitter. Those who are able to maintain the content constantly keeps on engaging more followers and the objective to expand the community improves.

9. Work on engagement methods

To guarantee more following on the account you should consider the following tips:

  1. Follow back those who have shown interest or reached to your tweets.
  1. Respond to mentions frequently so that they feel valuable and interact with them more.
  1. Contribute to Twitter chats by giving your respective viewpoint depending upon the type of discussion taking place.
10. Enhance your reach

You can execute these tried and tested methods to maximize the reach across the network. Some of them are mentioned as under:

  1. Conducting contests can work for your brand’s popularity

Giving away some reward points or gifts for following or retweeting the tweet can instantly increase the overall reach.

  1. Boost up the moral of your employees

Interacting and motivating your staff by conducting open discussions and appreciating their work on a public platform is much more effective than any other method. Monetary appraisal might be satisfying for an employee but acknowledgment on a public platform can boost their moral.

  1. Experiment with Twitter ads

Social advertising on Twitter includes promoted tweets through promoted trends and accounts. Implementing this technique is relatively beneficial than others.

11. Observations through analytics

The popularity of a social network can be measured by evaluating impressions on the network, engagement rate, number of interested audiences, the location of the audience, etc. All these points are to be studied and analyzed before planning and implementing the next content strategy. Analytical metrics will be transparent enough to guide you about whether the decisions you took or campaign you have been executing. It’s the highest form of judging responses, preferences, and feedback of the audience.

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