Learn how you can trend a topic using twitter retweets

Learn how to trend a topic using Twitter Retweets

Retweets- A Potential Tool to Make Your Twitter Topic Trending

Like Facebook, Twitter also follows certain matrix for the marketers to abide by. If you are new to Twitter, then you should keep it in your mind that- the best way to leverage the usage of Twitter as a marketing platform for you product would be- via retweets.

Twitter retweet is the most powerful tool to get your product noticed by potential customers and fuelling word-of-mouth publicity with no-cost and maximum effect. But you first need to understand- why Twitter holds so many promises for your brand?

Why You Should Spend Your Energy on Twitter and Retweets?

  • Twitter is The First Thing For Many in Morning

Right now, Twitter has replaced the position of a morning daily and how! Whether you are a reigning brand or a start-up, don’t miss out the opportunity to connect with millions of out-of-the-morning-bed people who have logged in to their Twitter accounts.


  • Twitter Is The Free Platform About Everything Promotional

The beauty of Twitter lies in the fact that you don’t have to shell out moolah in it. Whether you want to tweet about some new and exciting feature about your product or sell coupons and promo codes- there are no other platforms better than Twitter.


  • Twitter is Personalized

Whether through tweet or answering customer query – Twitter provides the marketer with the opportunity to engage with followers. There are millions of corporate heads around the world who promote their brands via their personal twitter accounts.

The Power of Trending a Topic in Twitter and How to Do It

Trending your topic (or more popularly known as hashtag) in Twitter, gives your products an unbelievable boost. But there is certain trickery that you must learn, in order to make your topic a hot-trending one via retweets by your followers.

  1. Either You Have Followers or Merit

You need a large number of followers in your twitter account so that your topic becomes a hot-trending one in the world of social media. But for an average Joe organization, this is not possible. In that case, there must be some worthy/ attention grabbing news (in terms of new products, offers, reaching a milestone and so on) carried by your hashtag so that automatically your followers feel excited enough to retweet it.

  1. Reward

Giveaways, cash prizes, gift coupons- give people the impetus to retweet your hashtag with more vigor. If you feel a pricking thought that it’s a way of bribery, then keep that aside. Some of the leading airways, wine makers, and insurance companies in the world repeatedly encourage their followers to retweet, by promising some sort of rewards to them.

  1. Others

Did you know that the best time to tweet an important hashtag is between 10 -11 PM? Or visuals in a Tweet in forms of videos or pictures get more retweets? There are hundreds of other little nuances to get maximum number of retweets. Learn them.


There is a mechanics behind most trending topics in Twitter. You need to master them effectively to get the same result for your topics also.



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