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Top 5 SoundCloud Downloaders for Offline Listening

For musicians and music lovers, SoundCloud is topmost music sharing app popular among millions of users across the globe. Although it’s a social app that gives access to listen to the music of all genres. Few still look out for a downloader to get the music for offline use. Here is a list of top 5 SoundCloud downloader apps that can be used on an Android device:

  1. KeepVid

KeepVid Android

One of the most user-friendly app to download audio tracks from SoundCloud. Downloading speed is comparatively fast, along side you will get a high quality of sound say 320 kbps. In case, you wish to download videos as well, from sites like YouTube, Facebook or any other, KeepVid allows you to get them downloaded in desired visual quality. The best part is that it’s not a paid service.

  1. Sound Hound Music Search

SoundHound Music Discovery

Being a product of SoundHound Inc., this app allows the user in getting the work done without many efforts. The interface is very much friendly and simplified for a lay man to find the right options. Downloading the tracks from here is not a time-consuming task at all and most of the users prefer this app as it gets things done in time and easily.

  1. My Cloud Player

My Cloud Player for SoundCloud

Unlike the name, the app is not a player but a downloading app for SoundCloud. Although one gets this option to play music as well. Any user would find it convenient to download the music track and as per the reviews, My Cloud Player is one of the best downloading apps available in the market.

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  1. Player Pro Music

Player Pro Music

The best part about this app is its high-quality sound that one would get as an output while downloading a track from SoundCloud. Player Pro Music makes it simple for a new user to save the track in a high quality of sound. Plus, the user can go to various music sharing sites to download or save any music track. Please note that this one is a paid app.

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  1. Hound Voice search

Hound Voice search

From the user’s point of view, Hound voice search is considered to be recommended downloading App. Due to its powerful functions, people tend to use it to save music tracks on android device for listening to them anytime. If you are looking for a downloader for SoundCloud, Hound Voice search is among the top few names one would refer to. Again this app is free of cost, and a lot many features can be explored.

Apart from the above efficient downloading apps, you should know about the following apps that are compatible to download music with almost all operating systems  on any device :

  1. 9soundclouddownloader


As a SoundCloud music downloader, this app is free and best from a PC to download a music track. The additional feature is that you can not only download a song but a complete playlist from SoundCloud. Plus, the process of downloading is easy and convenient to follow, and you are allowed to download many different tracks on your device.

  1. SoundDrain


Apart from downloading, this website would enable the user to favorite the tracks and alongside you can also download and save music on your device. A completely free of cost service is what SoundDrain offers. According to the users, it is the fastest method to get music of your choice in the desired format. Simply a restriction free platform for music lovers to explore the world of SoundCloud.

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  1. Scdownloader


Another portal to crack whatever musical track you wish to. Here you can download the music in MP3 format by simply pasting the link of the song and hit the download button. Scdownloader directly extracts the track and converts it into a MP3 file compatible with your device. This service is free of cost, and in case you want to download a playlist of multiple songs, you can explore another feature of, i.e. SoundCloud Playlist Downloader.

  1. Audacity


A free downloading app, which enables the user to record live audio and play the smart your PC. Audacity supports almost all types of audio formats and also allows you to make any desired changes with editing. This software is compatible with all kinds of OS like Mac,  Windows, and others.

  1. iSkysoft Audio Recorder


An excellent service that gives access to music on SoundCloud and various other portals. A listener can download the track with one click and the song is o you device within few seconds without any cost. iSkysoft Audio recorder is flexible with all types of file formats, one can save a track in MP3 or MP4 format, intact with high-quality sound.


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