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Top 5 YouTube Alternatives

YouTube the biggest network for video sharing and the most used platform by the users worldwide. Other networks are still far to compete with the quality standards YouTube has maintained but the time limit it has been offering can shift current users towards other close competitors. In fact, the existing users are quite curious to experiment with other platforms as they are looking for something new. To satisfy the constantly decreasing attention span of a viewer, any social network is coming up with innovative ideas. The best and closest alternatives of YouTube are few. Presently, the most popular video sharing networks after YouTube have been listed as follows:

  1. Vimeo

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Some of the Youtube users who are aware of the Privacy Policy of Google try to experiment with Vimeo. As the information, Vimeo collects of a user is way less than what YouTube does. Although Vimeo has been in the market for as long as YouTube, when it comes to popularity then Vimeo has not even gained half of the popularity that YouTube holds. Vimeo offers its viewers a better quality display, much more managed and easy to watch. It has an overpowering impression in terms of quality management and clarity. For sincere video uploaders, it’s a great platform to give exposure to the audience.

  1. Daily Motion

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If you are searching for a video and not able to find it on YouTube, there are chances that you will find it on Daily Motion. It’s the second largest online video websites with almost 112 million unique visitors on monthly basis. In case you want to make the video go viral, Daily Motion can do it conveniently and instantly. Unlike YouTube, here videos are not censored as per non-nude clause or something else. Plus, the video library on the Daily┬áMotion is safe to upload, you should not expect that the content would be tamed. Daily┬áMotion does not believe in removing content once uploaded, they do not like to do many changes. Its interface is very much similar to what YouTube was in its initial stage. There is no surety that you will positively find everything you want but whatever you would select to watch would be of high quality. Here, the time limit is 60 minutes plus the HD quality resolution is of 1080 p with maximum 4Gb storage limit. When you decide to earn from the video, one should use Daily motion Open VOD program, which guides you further.

  1. Metacafe

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It would be surprising for you to know that Metacafe is the oldest website to have videos as the primary content. It’s there since 2003, which is even before YouTube. Currently, the website serves around 40 million users, these are unique visits every month. It’s different layout makes it so attention-seeking of the users. Everything from categorisation to browsing various topics, all things are differently treated. As of now, Metacafe is not open for all users to upload any kind of data or image.

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  1. Flickr

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Though most of us know Flickr as an image sharing social network alongside it also offers users to upload their videos and share it with others. Ironically, many of the users are unknown to this feature. Apart from that, Flickr enables you to upload your videos in HD quality, which till now no one asks its users to do. You get a 1Tb memory and in case of pro account you get a lot more space than that, ad-free environment and gives you detailed stats of analytical report.

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  1. Veoh

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Another not-so-popular but surely a worth using video sharing network. Although YouTube is the pioneer but Veoh allows you to upload video and share them instantly with other users and across other social channels. User Interface (UI) is surprisingly clutter-free along with the features like personal messages, groups, forums, adding friends etc. However, browsing is not yet sorted, relatively a poor experience for the user while finding out what he is looking for.

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