How to use Hootsuite for Social Media Marketing

How to use Hootsuite for Social Media Marketing

Hootsuite in general is considered to be one of the most suitable tool to manage Social media platforms, twitter in specific. But apart from that, Hootsuite can possibly assist in time-saving activities and helps in strategizing the marketing plan. Scheduling social media posts is a common and most used feature of Hootsuite that the marketers like to experiment and gain benefits from. Here are few other options available for a social marketer to avail optimum utilization of different platforms simultaneously:

  1. Most liked bulk scheduler

It’s a complete package of services to schedule, place and analyze the response received via social media posts. Posts on Facebook can be easily manages without shifting accounts unlike one has to log in and log out time and again to do the same. Likewise, Twitter posts from one account can be scheduled for a definite duration. Schedule for as many posts as the limit allows, marketers really appreciate this liberal attribute of Hootsuite.

  1. Manages multiple platforms at one time

One can switch to multiple accounts and supervise things conveniently without wasting much time. This feature is suitable in case where one account has to be fostered with response with the help of other accounts on a platform, say Twitter. To manage multiple posts from different accounts, Hootsuite dashboard is designed to explore the options with absolute precision in no time.

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  1. Allows active participation without being active

When you are not being able to operate the activities on your account in real-time, then comes the time saver and efficient manager i.e. Hootsuit to help post tweets or Facebook posts on time by schedules posts feature, which doesn’t require any active participation for any post to be posted. With this you can avoid distractions that might affect your activities and still get the most of it.

  1. Added streams are useful

While including a tab such as scheduled Tweets, mentions, search keyword, or Instagram account, then these become streams. Now these streams instill the tabs with updated information and sometimes such activities give way to new ideas for blogs or your business promotion. They basically provide tips and things you might want to catch up with once in a while. Sometimes lack of ideas can delay your action plan and streams like these keeps up the pace of motivation required and some valuable ideas to foster your strategy.


  1. Easily manageable tabs

Hootsuite allows to add more than Five social media accounts and that too in no particular order or quantity. So to manage tabs from different accounts or else you can schedule many activities from a single window like posting tweets, lists activities, followers to interact with, mentions, responses via direct messages and much more. But the availability of so many options on your platter must not confuse you at any stage. Therefore, one should know what to use and at what time. Otherwise too much of scheduling will spoil the purpose that is to gain engagements from the users.

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