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What Is Instagram Swipe-up Feature and How to Get It

What is Swipe-Up Feature on Instagram?

Simply put, the Instagram Swipe-Up feature allows for users who meet a specific criteria (more on that later on), to embed links in their 24 hour stories. Users on seeing a story with a link can either click on it or can Swipe-Up to get redirected to the business page or any other specific page of a website. By doing so, you increase the chances of driving traffic and converting sales.

How to Get Swipe-Up on Instagram?

While it might not seem fair, Instagram believes that adding a Swipe-Up feature should be exclusive to people or businesses. With that said, here are the two possible routes to get the feature on your account.

Route 1 : Instagram Business Profile with 10K followers

This is aimed at businesses clearly. If you convert or have a business profile and manage to gain 10K followers, your business will be deemed as influential, and this is when you get the ability to add links to your stories.

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Route 2 : Get Verified

While it still confuses many why being verified isn’t a universal feature, if you do manage to get through the process and get verified, you are spared from having to also gain 10K followers. In such cases, the belief is that Instagram has vouched for you and hence you have earned the right to embed links on your stories.

Either of these routes should help activate the swipe-up feature on the application.

What are the advantages of the Instagram Swipe-Up feature?

If you’re doubtful about whether this feature adds anything to your story, then think again. While influencers can make use of this, businesses certainly stand to thrive from the swipe-up feature, and here’s how:

Increase Traffic to your Business

This might be the most obvious and useful advantage of the swipe-up feature. Although Instagram provides a lot of features, not many really help drive traffic to external sites or products, and for good reason. Here is where this particular feature comes into play.

Statistics have shown that Instagram stories fare much better than regular posts, especially when it comes to businesses showcasing their products. The swipe-up feature also allows you to redirect users to a different area of your store in each story. The click-through rate will definitely increase with the employment of the Swipe-Up feature.  This in turn will boost visibility and lastly, sales. And who doesn’t like that?

Keeping up with the Trends

Instagram is all about staying relevant. If you get hidden, then it’s only a matter of time before your business begins to tank. While you do have the option to upload a post every few hours, this will remain on your feed. An instagram feed should always ideally look clean and aesthetic and promotional posts like these would clutter the field.

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By using the Swipe-Up feature, you can post on your stories that will not fill up your feed. Also, the features allows users to redirect their respective website pages to get the sales they require. Given that this will be a story, there’s also an increased chance of the user seeing it because of the positioning. If nothing else the feature increases flexibility and gives added range to your business.

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Adds another dimension to your company

Another advantage that might sometimes be forgotten is the simple fact that it adds a layer of human interaction that is beyond the mindless clicking to move from one story to another. By adding this feature to your story, it helps you connect with your potential customers on a personal level.

And in a world where personal interaction has become rare as ever, small items like these go a long way in building trust.

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