Whatsapp Is About to Launch New Tool for Businesses to Engage Customers via Facebook Ads

A new provision of convenience for businesses has been added by WhatsApp and Facebook will earn more out of it. According to this scheme, WhatsApp will allow businesses to connect with the customers for which Facebook has been working on and testing on since months. This tool was tested on more than 90 companies that include Singapore Airlines and Uber. Gradually, the tool was successful and the solution will be introduced for all businesses, with which the company would be allowed to use the chat feature. The powerful tool to chat with customers will give an instant reach to the businesses to get in touch through Facebook Ads, which were not as interactive before.

In addition, WhatsApp Business permits the businesses to send out ‘non-promotional’ messages, content (images, data) i.e. shipping info, details of confirmed delivery to the customers. And the companies can respond to the queries and comments posted by potential customer base received on WhatsApp through Facebook ads. But the responses are to be made within 24 hours, otherwise, they will incur a cost to the company.

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As per the social network experts, Facebook Ads that allow WhatsApp to chat on one click helps people in discovering new business. And the companies are open to explain the products and services offered to them. This introduction seems to establish a quick responsive platform, where both the parties (company and customer) can communicate at any time. This launch is an outcome of a long process that began in the year 2014 when Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion. Since then WhatsApp has been growing and saw a boost of 1.5 billion users across the world.

There is no compromise in the control of WhatsApp user over messages, they are able to control what messages they receive. Companies will be paying for messages they will send to the customers, therefore the chat would be clutter free and to the point. The nature of the WhatsApp messages is still the same, they are end-to-end encrypted, which means the user will remain the ultimate decision-maker, if they want to receive message from a specific company or if they want to block them.

Therefore, the decision to make this tool available to a maximum number of businesses has been in progress. Facebook is giving preference to those companies who are looking for this tool strongly and require this tool immediately to manage customer communication. But in the last week, Facebook has not shown any positive sign while the results were being tested. The news of this update is not a likable for all as Facebook imagined or expected it to be, rather Facebook is getting mixed response after this announcement. Due to this, the market is expecting slow growth of users as of now. The reason for slow growth can be blamed on data privacy scandals that Facebook has been facing since a few months back. Plus, the investments are too high on the company that the profits will obviously be affected.

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