5 Writing Tools to Enhance Your Content

Enhancements tools to manage social media apps is something you will get say access to, likewise, in order to enhance the quality of your content, you can make use of few writing tools whether you have to post it on a blog or website. As a marketer is short of time and always looks up for something that can help him improve the quality and is less time-consuming to use. With so many photo editors and productivity improving tools, there are top five writing tools to improve the content, here’s the list:

  1. Blog topic generator by HubSpot


Blog Topic tool is basically designed by HubSpot to assist the bloggers, who are constantly looking for new ideas to start writing on. A lot depends on the topic they are going to put out for the readers. Therefore, to support them while brainstorming ideas HubSpot works as a helping hand for the bloggers. All you need to do it to type three keywords and the rest of the job will be done by the tool. And you will get few related topics shortlisted to choose from.

  1. Ideaflip


Another supportive hand for those who are ready with their idea and yet is not sure about the output. Therefore, with the helming of this tool, the can evaluate and visualize how effectively it’s going to work for you in a given situation. This tool enables you to give an environment which is quite interactive in terms of selecting few out of many. It diminishes away all the constraints and pushes you to pick the best suitable idea for the kind of website or blog you are working on.

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  1. Grammarly


Apart from generating ideas for an article, another aspect that is very much relevant is to correct the content grammatically. It should not include anything inappropriate, irrelevant os misspelled. Along with that, you can make sure the content you have written is optimized and reader-friendly. In fact, for a writer, it’s recommended using this app, as it saves time ensures an error-free content for your blog or website.

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  1. Plagiarism detect

When your content has everything it should have, that’s the point where you need to ensure that content is not copied or similar to any other sources’ content. This is the most embarrassing and offensive thing to happen to anyone in the online business. Even if you didn’t do it intentionally, it will be counted as one, hence beware while publishing your content. Cross-check twice by using a Plagiarism detecting tool and prevent your content from having Google flag or from getting penalized.

Some of the plagiarism checker tools are Small SEO Tools Plagiarism CheckerDupli

  1. StackEdit


The content on a website includes the text as well as the content of .html files. When you want to make things easy, especially when it’s about the technical aspect of the website, you can use StackEdit and copy the text from WordPress and convert it into the .html format. This tool has been designed to help out the web writers. It will assist them in putting out the themes or layouts required, and can accordingly customize the content. It enables you to check and re-check the spelling and grammatical errors, which can be synced with Dropbox and Google Drive and supports many others language other than English. StackEdit is an all-rounder in a way, as it allows you to post content on WordPress, Dropbox, Blogger and Tumblr, even if they are in .html or any other adjustable format. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about a stable internet connection, it would work equally well in offline mode.

The above tools are brilliant in their own specified areas, with them there are many others that fall into a respective category and are also efficient enough to satisfy the requirements of a blogger or marketer.

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