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Whatsapp May Soon Allow You to Unsend Messages

WhatsApp intends to give a window to rethink and rectify your mistake while sending messages to your contacts. Users of WhatsApp would be able to revoke the mistakenly sent messages, all has to be done in that five minutes window. As per the reports, this would enable the users to recall or unsound text messages, images, videos, documents, GIFs and even status replies. This new feature is going to be introduced as ‘recall’, according to the reports of WABetaInfo the testing has been going on for a while on the mobile messaging platform and they seem to be available for use on iOS very soon.

The recall feature is going to be a helpful tool in preventing a user from embarrassment especially when the messages have been delivered mistakenly from a recipient. Though encrypted nature of the messages made it a bit difficult to remove things in between the process but this introduction is going to save many apologies that take place when we deliver misdirected message to a contact. WhatsApp is asking you to redeem your mistakes in time, be wise while you chat now. Its going to make people a better decision makers as earlier there was no looking back when a text has been sent but now you have a second chance to rectify. WhatsApp would include the ‘Recall’ feature in ‘2.17.30+’ version, while currently the updated version is 2.17.190.

Apart from this, Facebook being the parent company of WhatsApp is also looking forward to bring back list of old contacts, which was removed since the arrival of ‘Status’. But this good news is only limited for the iPhone users. WhatsApp seems to be favourable for the iOS users as it has come up with features like albums, filters and reply shortcuts only for iPhone users. They are allowed to view album as a collection of images in case they have shared a few number of photos or videos while chatting on the app.

The chat App have introduced specially designed filters in the camera. This works quite similar the way Snapchat does, when a user choose to reply to a message they can simply swipe right on the message to pick the desired filter for the moment.

WhatsApp has a magnanimous user base of over 200 million monthly active users approximately and this user base is only of India, obviously worldwide users are enormously large in number. Around 1.2 billion monthly active users are currently using this app, also WhatsApp is available in 50 or more languages across the globe, out of which 10 languages are of Indian origin.

Along with ‘recall’ feature, WhatsApp is also going to start trailing live messages, which means that the users are allowed to change information send in real-time for a specific period of time. For instance, if you are trying to find someone on a street, one can send their live location for few minutes, say five minutes. Till the time they do not find each other, the location can be shared. Few additional features like reporting a conversation as spam by shaking the phone while chatting.

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