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10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools That You Should Know in 2017

Social media marketing a major segment of digital marketing can be used as a promotional tool by using some really effective apps and tools for a marketing campaign. For an online business, methods that can help you achieve more must be known. In 2017, one can make use of all the following marketing tools to enhance the campaigns to be conducted on social media channels, plus this will also save time and deliver better results. Here are the 10 best social media marketing tool:

  1. Buffer

Buffer is the first name that comes to your mind when a marketing tool is asked or talked about. The most popular social media marketing tool that helps in scheduling your posts and designate them at all channels along with multimedia extensions, which includes images and videos for various platforms all at once. Tweets, posts, and images can be easily automated and scheduled for publishing.

  1. Sprout social

Though it’s a bit similar to Buffer, yet some of the features are different and impressive in their own way. As the primary focus is on customer relationship management. This feature helps in managing the account, plus enables you to respond quickly to your regular customers, which satisfies them and encourages to ask queries at all times.

  1. SocialOomph

Social Oomph an app to assist you while scheduling tweets, FB posts, group activities, LinkedIn posts and much more. Basically, it will keep you updated with the posts and update and you can track keywords suitable for your account. An all in one combo to handle all different social apps at one place. Even blogs can be managed and it can successfully send emails to the contacts, also these emails can be converted into updates for all social networks. Preset scheduling helps you in adding and removing posts. Moreover, monitors the activities of the followers and collect analytical report about the same.

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  1. Post Planner

A perfect example of an assistant that can help you gain more engagement and reach by finding, planning and posting the best content on your behalf for the audience. Though it’s a Paid service but is equally effective and affordable. The basic plan starts from $9/mo, which is quite reasonable with the kind of features it offers. Moreover, it’s a Facebook focussed app and can take your campaign to another level of its advanced features.

  1. BuzzSumo

This is not related to scheduling or automating posts rather BuzzSumo helps in finding out the hottest content in your respective field and also suggests search keywords trending in your niche. Definitely a helpful support system in improving the research of an idea or subject for all industries.

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  1. SocialClout

SocialClout is basically a measuring tool like a social media return on investment optimizer. The objective is to ensure that the posts you are targeting are good enough to get some positive feedback or not. It will guide you about the comparative analysis of the competition and most importantly will give you points to work on for improving the target reach and overall engagement.

  1. Oktopost

Simply a social media management tool particularly designed for the Business to business companies. Oktopost consists of all the usual and necessary features such as scheduling, measuring, social listening and curating etc. It is designed to manage large businesses like unified global campaigns for better reach.

  1. Tagboard

Tagboard is a specialist tool for social listening especially for those who are trying to find insights in the areas of research and development, innovation and more. Also, an impeccable tool of reputation management as it maintains the track record of product or brand mentions. This tool allows you to come up with new perspectives and key topics for improved engagement.

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  1. Bitly

A tool to shorten or condense a URL in order to make it suitable for all social channels as on most networks characters are limited. Also, you can use customized shortened URLs using API as well. Bitly enables you to keep track of the analytics at one place, no need to follow click-throughs from various portals.

  1. Promorepublic

This will publish your post automatically at the right time and also maintains a frequency. For those who don’t know where to start and what are the steps to be taken should use this app for required support. Due to limited time constraint, it becomes almost impossible to go through each network individually and go for the right response, therefore, in that case, Promorepublic is a smart option to start working with.

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