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When Do Youtube Views Update?

YouTube views are usually updated within 24 hours or 48 hours at most. YouTube likes and views keep on updating on a regular interval, but at time one gets confused about the number of views. Sometimes, the metrics on page show more than the actual views of the page. Surprisingly, YouTube views get updated on the desktop mode while it remains same on mobile view.

However, such impression is very much normal, in case you face it anything like this, you need not to worry. Keep the following points before you begin to doubt the strength of the views or likes on your YouTube channel:

  1. Server transition takes time

When the views are expected to increase in numbers and you find them frozen at one point there might be a reason behind it. You should understand the technical aspect of it. Each day there are so many videos uploaded, it takes time to update views of each one. Usually it takes one or two days at least. Now, the delay happens due to the change of server. Views of videos grow from hundreds of views and then they are moved to a larger server. Therefore, this transition from one server to another takes the time as it is also an audit, which has to be passed to ensure that the number of views are real. After that, those who have gone through the check lead to get approved and updated.

  1. Casual security check

security check Youtube

Another factor that YouTube views have to go through on random basis is the security check. It’s a sort of audit, under which the video views are time to time checked without any particular reason. This phenomenon started in 2014, and now it has been accepted as a common routine. The views can seem fixed at one place but they are actually facing this routine security check. Please note that, at times some of the video views are removed temporarily even if they are real. This happens to verify another lot of views, after they pass the security audit; they all are added again to its new view count.

  1. Time-consuming procedure

time consuming

Knowing about the security check, you must keep it in mind that the procedure can take time more than you think it should. It can take almost a week to get the audit done, irrespective of the genuineness of your views. It basically depends on the size of the video; the audit would take more time if it’s big.

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  1. Viewbot is prohibited

You should be also aware that in case your video is getting views that are generated with the help of bot. They are more likely to be removed as YouTube considers them as fake views. So, if your view count frozen at one point, make sure you don’t attempt anything that can make it impossible for you to increase them.

However, there are many theories for why they are not updated more quickly, but sometimes the view counts can surprise you for no particular reason. In that case, one must take their concern forward and contact YouTube. You can register your problem on ‘current site issues’ and pick your problem and fill up the form it to submit your report regarding ‘the viewcount issue’. You have to wait for few hours or may be few days for their response. In the meantime, your view count can also get verified and updated. If you think you are stuck, please ensure that you don’t challenge any one of the above factors, and only then go for registering our complaint.

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