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10 Effective Ways to Get More Tidal Plays and Followers

Are you struggling to increase the number of people who interact with your content on Tidal? While the app can give your music a big boost, it is not always straightforward, especially for new names in the industry. Having a large following is one way of increasing your Tidal plays, but how you get these followers is the big question. Join us as we take a look at ten effective ways to get more Tidal plays and followers.

1. Buy Tidal Plays

There is only one way to boost your tidal plays without putting in too much effort. If you buy Tidal plays form a respectable dealer, you have the chance of increasing the ranking of your music and thus expose it to more people. Do you know what that means? If you have great music, people will naturally want to play your music and follow you with the hope to get similar content in the future.

2. Maintain high quality and post consistently

Nobody wants to listen to jumbled-up beats and incoherent sounds in a song. This is why you need to invest in developing high-quality music for both audio and video, and there is no better way than to record with popular labels. If you can’t afford an expensive production service, there is always the option to invest in equipment or reach out to freelance production houses.

3. Get your music on popular blogs

Do you know of any popular music blogger? If not, it is time you discover them and communicate about what you do. There are budget bloggers out there who can write about your music at affordably low prices. You will need to talk to several bloggers to get the much-needed breakthrough. According to Amuse, blogs and YouTube channels can help increase your streams significantly.

4. Contact playlist curating sites

Is your song listed on a popular playlist? If not, consider reaching out to websites that create playlists for popular streaming services. This is a great way to create awareness about your music and increase tidal plays. Services like Playlist Pump can help put your music into various playlists and hence get more tidal plays and consequently more followers.

5. Have you collaborated with other artists?

In music, collaboration is one way to soar new heights. Secure collaborations with known artists and let them link to your song on their platforms. In the millions or thousands of followers, there will be few hundreds of them who may like your content and follow you in turn.

6. Promote on your social network

Social media is a reliable tool for music promotion. You can use the platform to keep your fans updated on what you are working on or what you have already released. Either way, you can always add a link to your songs and playlists on Tidal. Besides your account, social media influencers can come handy when you need to get more Tidal followers.

7. Consider paid advertising

It is an excellent way to promote your Tidal content through a well-planned campaign. There are various ways to do this, one of which is to pay popular Tidal promoters, social media promoters, and blog owners to get your content in the face of their audiences.

8. Have a release strategy

How do you release your content on Tidal? Whether you are working on playlists, new music, or remixes, you need to have a workable strategy so that your fans are always aware and ready for new content. This is a sure way to increase Tidal plays and achieve optimum numbers in a few days of release.

9. Post on Reddit

Have you heard about the Tidal Playlists subreddit? It is a good place to get your name known by other Tidal users. Here, you can post your favorite playlists and get others to listen. Besides the Tidal subreddit, there are numerous subreddit for, and by music lovers, you can join.

10. Know your followers

What are the preferences of your followers? Knowing your followers can help you choose the best time to release your content. It is also a great way to understand what theme would do best for them. With these two catered to, you can expect your fans will spread the word and hence increase your Tidal plays significantly. There is no bullet-proof way to get more tidal plays and followers. However, combining several of these methods can give you great results in a few days. If you are new to the platform, you should first buy tidal plays for your music.

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