10 Smart Ways to Increase Houzz Followers and Saves

10 Smart Ways to Increase Houzz Followers and Saves

The first step towards maintaining a thriving online presence is having a reasonable number of followers on major social media platforms. Houzz is one such platform where numbers can push you or your business miles towards the sky. However, getting Houzz followers is usually an uphill climb for many people. But that should change today. This article brings you 10 smart ways to increase your interactions on Houzz and hence increase Houzz followers and saves. Read on.

1. Buying Houzz followers

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A full-proof and easy way to lift your name above the ranks is to buy Houzz followers from a reputable marketer. This is the recommended way for people entering the business arena with low experience or looking for an initial boost. Gaining followers in this way saves you valuable time and allows you to concentrate on the intricate parts of your business or career.

2. Interact with your followers

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If you can keep conversations going on, you can get more people to follow you. Put: people will follow Houzz accounts that look lively. You should always make sure to respond to at least 40% of queries raised by your followers. According to HubSpot, being active online, engaging your followers, and engaging in conversations in the industry can help you promote your online presence.

3. One account for one niche

There are situations where your business deals with various products and or services. Should you mix everything in the same account? Obviously no. A better way would be to split your services into several high-level niches and dedicate an account for each one. This allows you to target particular groups of people and deliver personalized content and hence increase Houzz saves. Specializing in a niche is a sure way to attract interested people to follow you.

4. Your name should speak for you

What kind of person or business are you? For businesses, your name speaks tons about you. A fancy name is a magnet that fast attracts followers and potential clients. People should not have to look up your business on a search engine. The case is similar for professionals offering intangible services. Let your name show who you are. Include your titles in the name.

5. Seek to collaborate with like-minded professionals

Collaborating with professionals and having them post/ link to your work can help you increase Houzz saves and followers. This is because your work gets exposed to an audience that you’d probably never reach. However, we advise that you only collaborate with people offering complementary goods or services rather than your competitors.

6. Find and follow professionals in your niche

It will be challenging to get followers and saves if you do not follow other people. According to Jake Peterson on Houzz discussions, you should follow professionals who you already know with the hope that they will follow back. It is also beneficial to contact such professionals and start a meaningful discussion.

7. Consistency and quality

How often should you make new posts? Since there is no standard frequency, we recommend that you post at least once in a week, if not once a day. It is better to have a routine to post than posting randomly. Again, Forbes and HubSpot have made it clear that the quality of your content is a key factor for social engagements. Post high-quality content frequently and consistently.

8. Request clients to review you

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Trust is an essential building block on the road to success. On Houzz, you can gain the trust of new clients and followers by having clients you have already served review you on the site. Business 2 community will tell you that Reviews, recommendations and testimonials from previous clients are great ways to get your business known and thus attract more people.

9. Complete your profile

This is as simple as it sounds. If you are seriously seeking to increase Houzz followers, you will need to keep your profile updated to contain your current phone number, email, website, and physical address. You should also include relevant information about what you do. According to Forbes, linking your profile to your website and vice versa can help bring more people to your account.

10. Share your portfolio

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Have you uploaded a portfolio to Houzz? You could be losing out if you are yet to explore the power of your portfolio. This is because a portfolio tells potential clients of what you have already done for others. This requires you to upload high-quality images of your past work and add tags and a short description of each. None of the ten ways can work in isolation from the rest. We, therefore, recommend that you try a mix of them and see what works for you. For beginners, it is better first to buy Houzz followers to start your journey and above all be active on Houzz.

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