10 Ways to Increase your Discord Server Members

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Discord should be an application most of you are familiar with.The VoIP and instant messaging platform has been around since 2015 and currently has over 140 million monthly active users and 300 million registered users as per businessopapps. With a valuation of $7 billion, Discord is not just any platform. Fun fact, you can make money on Discord. There are certain niche servers that charge a membership fee and some have associated Patreon accounts where members can send over tips.These are just two of the many ways you can make money on Discord.

A necessity to make the best of your Discover server is to gain as many members as possible. More members mean more activity. Here are the 10 ways to Increase your Discord server members the right way. We’ve also made sure to include how you can buy discord server members so read on to find out. 

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1. Get your branding right

The importance of proper branding cannot be stressed enough. Ensuring your server’s logo and title grab potential member’s attention is key. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your logo and aesthetic reflect your brand and the message you aim to convey.

2. Increase engagement on your server

Make sure your server engages with their members regularly. There are a number of ways to do this. The simplest way is to encourage conversation on the server by personally taking the initiative to drive engagement. Also make sure to make use of emojis, GIFs, and text decorations to catch the user’s attention. While this depends on the topic of your server, these can go a long way in increasing engagement and in turn creating a boom in your discord member count.

3. Make use of Bots

We know what you’re thinking, “Bots are bad”. On Discord though, this is not the case. Discord has bots that can do a variety of things making your server much more fun, interesting and even informative. One such super popular bot is Onyx that helps create memes, GIFs, and even search Youtube. MEE6 and Dyno are two such popular bots on Discord. Check out top.gg for some amazing bots to enrich your servers and increase your members.

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4. Focus on a Topic

While you might think that covering a lot of topics is probably what’s going to get you members, the truth of the matter is that people gravitate towards servers that deal with niche topics. Finding a topic might not be as easy as you think but there are plenty of resources to help you find the right topic. Here are 10 cool Discord ideas for your next server.

5. Organize Events to gain traction

Another way to increase engagement on the platform is to conduct events on Discord. Nobody wants a boring server. Whether it’s a quiz, game night, competitions, daily polls or even collaboration with other servers, events drive engagement and engagement drives more members into your server. Even a simple question of the day has had positive effects on bringing in new members and also improving member retention.

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6. Use a reputed paid service

Your best shot at growing your discord server members is to use trusted services like Socioblend. Making use of this service ensures you get the required traction as soon as possible with little effort on your part. Given how tried and tested this method is, it only makes sense to buy discord members from SocioBlend to get the ball rolling.

Making use of one or all of the above mentioned tips is sure to get your discord server onto another level. Interested to know more about Discord? Why not read up on the “Above Me” section on Discord.

7. List your server in Discord directories

Listing your server in directories serves as a Yellow page for finding your servers if you are new and still up and coming. There are tons of such directories and most of them do not charge for adding your servers to their directories. Discord Street is one such example. As these directories gain popularity, your server will also get more eyes and ultimately more members.

8. Make use of Social Media to promote your Discord Server

Another free way to increase your members on Discord is to make use of existing social media platforms. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, there are tons of services out there with millions of users to help your server get exposure. If these aren’t even enough, making use of reddit to funnel people into your server is pretty effective. There are subreddits dedicated to Discord servers.Keep in mind, your server’s content is whats going to decide whether visitors become members.

9. Word of mouth

This free method goes without saying. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth. Making sure everyone in your community talks about server is probably your best shot at gaining members on our discord server and making sure they stick around. Get your friends, family, workplace talking and watch your numbers rise. While this might be more difficult it is free and definitely worth trying.

10. Welcome Users

Yes, welcome them. While this can be automated, we’d recommend personally welcoming your members especially when you’re starting out. This goes a long way in ensuring you build a brand as a close-knit community and who wouldn’t want to be a part of such a server. As your server grows this will get much harder so make the best use of your early days and build such an identity. There are bots that can make this process much more personal by playing around with the member’s avatar so that might be something worth looking into.

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