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Facebook New Post Control Options in Groups to help Admins and Moderators: Check Here

Facebook, the social media giant, keep updating and launching new features to make the platform more engaging and better for users. For example, the platform recently added some new comment moderation and member insight tools for Facebook groups to make them a safe and better place. In addition to these features, now Facebook has launched new post control options for Group admins that will help them to dictate what types of post group member can share and interact with in their groups. If you are a moderator or admin of any Facebook group and not aware of these latest features, here is everything you need to know about it.

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Facebook Group New Tools & Features to offer better control on Communities

Facebook New Post Control Options for Groups
Facebook New Post Control Options for Groups
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Launched a few days ago, the new post control options for Facebook Groups will make the communication easier and safer for all the members by giving the admins & moderators liberty to decide what kind of posts should be shared in their groups.

As screenshots shared by social media expert Matt Navarra, Group admins can now access the simple toggle to switch on or off the various options to manage what type of posts they want to allow in their groups. 

The new post control options will be displayed as shortcuts at the bottom of the composer panel in their group to provide more control over the post types group members can share, like, comment and interact with. These options will help Group admins and moderators to manage interactions better.

Using these tools, Group admins and moderators can limit how often specific group members can comment and how often comments can be made on specific posts that admins select.

Also, Facebook is working on another feature named conflict alerts that will notify the Group admins if there may be any contentious or unhealthy conversations taking place in their group to take action accordingly.

In the future, the Group admins and moderators will tag group rules in comments and posts. Not only admins and moderators but also members will be able to tag specific rules when they report posts and comments to admins to make it easier for admins to take action.

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Final Words!

The latest post control options in the Facebook group is a small step towards safer communication and interaction in the groups. To make the Facebook groups completely safe and better for all the group members, the platform has to release many other such features that will protect the community guidelines, allow members to communicate without hesitation or fear and make the groups an interesting & safer place for all.

If you haven’t tried these new post control options in your groups, do try them and share your experience with us. For more technology-related updates, stay tuned with us.

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